Ascenders: Rising From Zero
7 Hunting for Choice Mea
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Ascenders: Rising From Zero
Author :sir_impeccable
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7 Hunting for Choice Mea

The structure of Orun has been one of remarkable wonder. Built into seven layers, Orun has been known to continuously divide on itself, creating realms upon realms in itself, each realm being the equivalent of Eledumare's pet planet, Earth.

The First Heavens has of a known fact being the container of the heavenly bodies such as the sun and moon that give light to Eledumare pet planet.

That aside, it has also been a dwelling place for the damnable demons of darkness and a seal for the prison yard of the first creature, the owner of the dark path, the one who must not be mentioned.

The prison of this being is heavily guarded by Iku, the progenitor of Death, thus making the First Heavens to be as polluted as possible by all sort of vile energies.

Due to this, The First Heavens as often being dubbed as ORUN APAADI(Realm of the Unpure).

The second Heavens is more of a clearer dimension even though it borders the First Heavens and is thus more populated by intelligent beast kind humanoid creatures and demons type intelligent beings who unlike their First Heaven counterpart are more appealing with civilization like the Vampiric Specie.

Following suit is the Middling World of Merchandise, the third Heavens.

As to why the Great Consciousness, Eledumare allowed a world as this exist, it is yet unknown. But this world has served as a sort of truce between the creatures of darkness and the creatures of light, of which we Irunmoles and Emeres and Orishas are.

However, do not let the name deceive you as the Middling World of Merchandise is known for some powerful species of tremendous power who either gleaned strength from the way of darkness or the path of light, beings even we Irunmoles, respect.

The Fourth Heavens, the dwelling place of we, Irunmoles, Emi Oguns(Spirits of War). The sole purpose of an Irunmole is to assist the Orishas in their aspectual supervisory jobs. Thus The Irunmoles have, over time become more of an auxiliary force, bridging the distance between the Orisha who take orders from Eledumare himself and the mortal beings in Earth.

Our world is split into many realms, each realm standing for an aspectual Law synonymous with each Orisha.

Following shortly, is the Fifth Heavens, The Place of the Orishas.

It is by what we assume (General Knowledge of the worlds above us are quite limited) the place of abode by the Gods and their offsprings, known as The Emeres. Only a few has ever ascended up beyond.

The Sixth Heavens is more of a blank but popular opinion has it that it is the dwellling place of the spirits of the mortal beings on Earth who might have lived in a pleasing manner to Eledumare, while the ones who lived recklessly were cast into the First Heavens, Orun Apaadi to be specific, where weeping and gnashing of teeth is the order of the day.

As to the truth of this, no one knows except that spirits humans have being seen in Orun Apaadi in continuous torment. And for such to exist, there must be the direct opposite, hence the second heavens seems to satiate that curiosity.

The Seventh Heaven, The Purest World is the dwelling place of the magnificence of Eledumare. As to how, one being fills vastly an entire world, no one knows but we can be sure to assume that this being is one of tremendous power that has never been seen before.

At least, not by us nor any of our spirit neighbors.


Culled From: An Insight of the Seven Worlds- A Documentary by Second Prime, Anu of Ilu Obatala, Custodian of Scrolls.

—— —— —-

'Now, easy, easy guys. We don't want to rouse something more than we can handle, okay?'

A bald masculine humanoid creature dressed in light leather armor with beady eyes and a red gem that lodged in the middle of his forehead spoke, trying to stabilize the two dogs in his reins.

Beside him, another humanoid creature strutted closely. He had a seemingly different contrast to the first person, with dreaded black hair that fell loosely about his face, a white long sleeves and trousers overlapped by a brownish gown.

"Them dogs want to be out there already. Heh. I wish I had their kind of enthusiasm." He spoke, his full black forehead gem sparkling.

"Oh come on, Dolan. You don't want to ruin the coming of age ceremony for the boy."The red jeweled forehead spoke, using his free hand to pat the his companion's shoulder.

"O! I am just stating the obvious. The Capitals Forest has being... More alive recently." Dolan spoke, shrugging his shoulders.

Red jeweled forehead stopped short, stealing a glance, backwards towards the slowly advancing group of jeweled forehead beings.

"You don't say. You think we might be having a Demon Wave soon?"


"But, we are at truce with the Demons. Infact , Drakon Lord Meados stated specifically that The Drakonian Confederate lands be removed from any possible wave rampage."

"I know. But do you not feel it, Molan?" Dolan asked, desperacy in his eyes.

"What?" Molan glanced backwards again. Already the group had come in closer to them and in the front was a seemingly younger being with green jeweled forehead, bare chested with a pouch attached to his trousers.

"Oh, I forgot. You are a Fire Drakon. Ask any Earth Drakon, they'll tell you. Something feels different, about our forest."

"Why are we stopping? The Iron Spike Tailed Dogs wont be this close to the forest entrance." A Drakonian male with white gem in his forehead spoke. He was dressed in black leather armor that had a sort of Dragon faced image with intricate patterns on the chest plate and with buckles here and there and a large scabboard to compliment the look matched forward.

"Dolan was talking about some anomaly in the forest..."

"Oh, there again, Molan. Put that out of your mind, okay. As peace loving as we drakonians are, I highly doubt that the Drakon Lord and the Drakon Masters would allow any mayhem to the forests seeing that it has a huge impact on our economy.

And if you fear of the demonkind, do they not do business with us? Of all worlds, we have allowed them freedom in our realms, so why would they break their truce?

You are simply over thinking this. Hahaha" The Drakon Warrior spoke, earning stares from similarly dressed Drakonians except that they each had Spears instead.

"One can never be sure." Dolan insisted, only to get a heavy pat on his shoulder so much that he winced.

"Away with the thought. For now, The Drakon Masters Son, Jaspar is to undergo his coming of age rites. And we are here to ensure nothing goes wrong besides him going in there and getting the choice meat of Drakonians, an iron spiked tailed dog, killed by his own hands unaided." The Drakon warrior spoke, his tone sounding even louder with each passing second.

The two dogs with Molan barked and jerked off, almost pulling Mola off his feet as he struggled to steady the dogs.

"Stupid Domesticated Wild Dogs. " he cursed and the group began moving again.

"Boy, how are you?" The Drakon Warrior who spoke earlier moved closer to the bare chested lad.

With a half smile, the lad looked up to him, eyes darting over the dragon emblem on his chest. "Honestly, I'm nervous. I am about to show the world that I am in total sync with my dragon self and it's kind of unnerving, Titus."

Titus laughed, stomping his booted feet into the ground, heartily.

"Was expecting that boy. But no worry, each one of us had felt that way too, in our time.

Just think of it as embracing the power within you with the consciousness to not let that power overwhelm you.

That's the logic, boy." Titus chirped in, patting Jaspar's shoulder.

Jaspar shuddered. The Coming Of Age Rites for Drakonian Tribes has always being one of a big deal. The Drakons valued strength, power but above all, they valued the ability to harness the power of their dragon halves, without giving in to the feral instincts.

Being an evolved descendants of Dragons, the Drakonians were able to gain an evolutionary advantage of sentience with a minus on their dragon power.

However, equipped with intelligence, the Drakons were able to come together in tribes as well as master various Laws to put their ever rampaging relatives, The Dragons into a more precise and controlled position.

And so, coming of age was to every Drakon, a chance to remind them of their dragon legacy in a hunt for the prized Drakonian Meat, The IronSpike Tailed Dog, where the drakon senses must be employed in all totality.

It was also at this point that many Drakon lads were finally to transform into their dragon selves.

And Yes, he was looking forward to transforming but he was going to have to rely on feral instincts as well as trying to not be controlled by those instincts.

Honestly, the whole thought of it was scary. But he was not just any drakon.

He was the son of a Drakon Master. His father, Drakon Master Dakota.

And no way was he going to fail his father.

Just then, a howl sounded some distance apart.

Straining his ears, his mind began separating the sounds, singling out the howl in his mind.

'The howl... it's origin is from an IronSpike Tail Dog? It has to be.'

Jaspar's hairs tingled with excitement as he thought of how easy it was to get a hunt so early.

Tingling with excitement, he dashed forward, his legs propelling him further away from the hunting group.

"No wait... Jaspar!" Molan made to go after him but was restrained by Titus.

"Allow him. You heard the howl? Jaspar's hunt for Choice Meat has begun, already."


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