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Ascenders: Rising From Zero
Author :sir_impeccable
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5 The Chase

Calm down!

Calm down!!

Calm down!!!

Bayo heart thumped heavily. He sat down on his hunch, observing the splattered mass of a Rat head before him.

Thinking back on how he had lost himself was about to delve into the meat made him cringe.

Was he losing himself to animalistic instincts now?


He was tempted to call Yasmin and ask for an explanation but after the soul genie had told him off, he didn't dare to.

There were some things he had to figure out on his own.

He rose up, shaking himself as a dog would shake off water from his body.


How did I do that?

That was unconscious. Oh Crap! I'm turning into a proper dog!


Bayo screamed in fear, physical howling out in the open.

'I just howled, right?'

In a short distance, a gruff bark sounded accompanied by thuds in the Earth. It seemed as if some sort of army was marching to him.

Bayo turned to his back, whipping his tail around as he ran off as fast as his four legs could carry him into the less denser area of the forest.

Darting behind a seemingly lone tree with thick bough and black pine shaped leaves, Bayo stopped to peek behind. He could hear another bark and a howl, simultaneously with the ever steady thud of something advancing towards his way.

'Bloodline detected. Absorbing Bloodline.

One Absorption left for activation of ability.'


'I just absorbed a bloodline? Gah! I must have come in contact with some fluid or something from the Rat. Possibly the urine.' Bayo lifted his left paw, inspecting the black claws closely.


Taking his head lower, he sniffed at the ground again. Quickly, he jerked his head up, revealing a snarl like smile.

'The Urine. I'm so right about this. Which means the Rat shouldn't be far off.' Bayo jubilated, doing his little tap tap dance with his paws.

Just ahead, with a little squinting, he caught the moment of blue glow farting further away from a mound.

'The barks and howl are probably what is frightening this one.

But that don't mean I will let it go away.

For Survival...' Bayo chanted, picking flight as he raced after the Rat.

In short time, he covered the distance but the Rat wasn't making it easy for him too. As soon as it noticed it had a visible pursuer, it turned a quick left causing Bayo to stop dead in his tracks.

He swirled to the left too, trying his possible best to outrun the Rat when the Rat stopped and turned back, squeaking timidly.


Something isn't right. Bayo mused as he pounced, his legs propelling him for the kill.his claw scratched the rat when

At the last moment, the Rat finally decided where to run and turned right, disappearing into The undergrowth.

'That... was... smart. Now, for a hard empty Fall.'

AAAAARGHHHHH...' Bayo braced himself for the impact but the ground gave way underneath him.


His subconscious yelled as the ground disappeared as he tumbled downwards accompanied with rushing winds.

His body crunched on a piece of jagged rock before bouncing off and resuming the free fall.

Struggling, he clutched at the air, trying to claw on something to stop his fall.

The Rat has deceived him and he was having for a free gravity ride down a Cliff.


Bayo slammed into the ground, sending a webwork of minor cracks around. Shuddering, he whimpered, trying to struggle to his feet.

'AGH.' He gritted his teeth, eyes shut and snarling as he endured the sharp waves of pain that cascaded over him.


Eh? What's that sound?


Opening his eyes, Bayo grunted again, lamenting over his blurred vision. He rose to his feet and blinked severally before his eyes came to focus.

'That was a hell of a fall. Damn!


What the Heck am I seeing?'

Big eyes came into his vision field, with large jaws that clacked open and close in a threatening way. Taking his gaze forward, he saw the head that contained the eyes with two antennae whisking about on him, followed by legs.

Many legs, each fitted with claws.


An Ant?

A huge black Ant that was on level with him? No way is this looking any good.

'Yasmin, scan this ant.'


MonsterEater Ant - Mythic Type

Soul Status: Basic Class

Max Energy: 22

The creature specializes in strength in numbers. Known for their undying aggressiveness, this Ant will stop at nothing until they chow down everything in its part. Beware of the Queen Ant


'This one stronger than me. But I can at least hold my own for some time against it. At least from the way it's close to me, I can deal some nasty hit ' Bayo strategized, swinging his iron spiked tail from behind in a slow wagging movement.

The Ant, after its examination, nodded his head as if to say this one is good to eat. It reared it's head back, as it's mandibles opened wide, sideways.



'Yeah, take that, Ant. I'm tha boss.' Bayo gloated, his iron spiked tail smashing neatly into the Ant's face, the momentum throwing the lifeless body off its feet now.

Taking a cursory look, Bayo turned, his tail swinging about. Just then, he heard the clack clack of some other mandibles rushing to him.

'Come to papa! Yasmin, scan.'


MonsterEater Ant -Mythic Type

Soul Status: Ground Class

Max Energy: 53

The creature specializes in strength in numbers. Known for their undying aggressiveness, this Ant will stop at nothing until they chow down everything in its part. Beware of the Queen Ant


'Just what exactly is this queen ant of a thing, Yasmin?'

But he didn't have time to ponder as the ant blurred over, mandibles opening to clamp on him. A sense of danger clouded his vision, prompting Bayo's last minute jump to the left, missing the bite just narrowly.

The ant arched up, its abdomen pointing at Bayo with reddening tip.

'The Queen of the Monster Eater Ant is rather unique, unlike other ant species. Due to their affinity with Darkness, this Queen Ant is capable of reviving dead ants into zombie warriors, with one mission to destroy what killed them.'

Acting quickly, Bayo Swirled, presenting his clubbed tail for the smash.

The IronSpike Tail rang out against the abdomen of ant, stunning the attacker for some seconds.

Without wasting time, Bayo sprung up, his powerful limbs propelling him forward as he rammed into the head of Ant with a crunching bite.

'Bloodline Detected. Absorbing Bloodline.' Yasmin notification rang out in his head.

'Wait... why are you absorbing it? It has no abil....'


A heavy weight slammed into Bayo, stunning him as he suddenly became weightless. Dazed, he fell into a pile on the ground, few meters from the MonsterEater Ant.

Just how strong was this ant? Bayo mused with widened eyes.

'Yasmin, scan that forger.'


MonsterEater Ant -Mythic Type

Soul Status: Ground Class

Max Energy: 32/53

Law: Law of Wrath

—- —

'Oh great! How about you telling me that that shit of an ant has Law affinity earlier on?'

'I apologize, I am currently running several processes , it's hard to keep up with a complete analysis of everything at same time.' Yasmin replied quietly.

'Too late for apologies, Yasmin.' Bayo braced himself, pulling himself with great difficulty of the ground.

Meanwhile, the ant steadied on, its numerous legs racing along the ground as it dashed towards Bayo.

Think, Bayo! Think.

How would you outsmart an ant?

First, analyze my present stats.

'Yasmin, Status!'


Iron Spike Tailed Dog

Soul Status: Basic

Growth Stage: Young Adult(2/3)

Growth progress: 79/100

Energy: 8/17

—- -

'Energy is down eh. Which leaves me with zero chance to take that head on.'

What next?

Second, survey your environment. Quickly, he swirled around, noting his surroundings. Behind him was the cliff he had fallen from with a little pool at the base. To the left of the cliff was plain grasses where an anthill spurted like a miniature hill. On the hill, ants begin trooping out towards the sound of the battle.

While the right side of the cliff had some jutting rocks from the ground.

'Rocks!' Bayo's eyes widened as his limbs gathered energy, galloping over.

The ant followed, chasing after Bayo with full speed. Quickening his motion, Bayo caught a glimpse of an even larger ant appearing from the anthill, antennae shrouded in black glimmer.


That shouldn't be it.

At least not now!!

'I have detected the presence of the Queen Ant, Bayo. We must vacate the vicinity.' Yasmin's voice sending a chill sensation of dread all over Bayo.

'What does it look like I'm doing?' Bayo retorted.

The ant gained on him already, coming close for the kill. Heart thumping, he swung his frame in a 360 rotation as his spike tail flew smashing right into the left eye of the ant.

Trembling, Bayo swirled again, bashing into the right eye before springing onto the ant.

With a swift downward motion, he clawed the head of the ant down into a tiny piece of jagged rock. In a flash, he ducked his head, tearing off a colossal bite of ant matter.

He tore into the head of the ant once more, using his tail to crack the exo skeleton at its head.

The Queen!

The Queen!!

The Queen!!!

The words rang in his head, bringing his focus to him.

Beware the Queen!

Trembling, Bayo strutted forward, leaping over a pile of rocks that lined around a little pool and inadvertently, splashing into the pool.

Disoriented, he pawed frantically to the other side, dragging himself over rocks and mud.

'Fire breathing Salamander detected. '



Just then, a sickening sensation of nausea washed over him, blacking his senses for a split second. Taking a dazed glance backwards, he saw the Queen with dark miasma around her frame as the dead bodies of the ants he had attacked,rose from the ground, bloodlust in their eyes.

Oh No!

Bayo's heart sank!


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