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Ascenders: Rising From Zero
Author :sir_impeccable
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-SPOILERS- (Skip to Chapter 1 if new)

-SPOILERS- (Skip to Chapter 1 if new)

-SPOILERS- (Skip to Chapter 1 if new)

-THIS chapter will be updated as author seems fit

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Do note that all creatures listed here are mostly spirit beings and as such require energy to keep about. (Humans are not spirits so they aren't counted in this novel)


Maximum energy levels is the highest energy that is accessible to each specie which will dictate the strength growth of that specie unless with aid of external factors.

Only by studying the Aspectual Laws or the Laws Of Sin May a specie be able to ignore its Maximum Energy levels, pushing it further with the growth in soul classes.

Another way of extending the point wall is to push oneself to the limit, usually by absorbing much more energy than is required or combat. Howbeit, the cost of survival is but slim.


Fire Breathing Salamander

Maximum Energy Level: 35

Ability: Fire breath

The Salamander specie is a unique one as it is capable of absorbing kinetic energy from its activities and reusing the energy in a condensed form of Fire breath. Omnivorous in nature and fast paced.

—— ————

Iron Spike Tailed Dog

Maximum Energy Level: 17

Ability: None

The iron spiked tailed dog is renowned for its spike ball at the end of its tail. It's cunning and strength make it a beast to be feared, at least for its level


Drakon -

Maximum Energy Level- 800

Ability: Elemental Affinity, flame breath,

A sentient evolved form of the dragons who spend most of their lives in humanoid forms. With the boost from their dragon self, they are impervious to fire based attacks and are capable of bending the basic elements to their will.


Grakon -

Maximum Energy Level: 1,200

Ability: Bulk Smash

An evolved variant of the dragons crossbred with Giant bloodline. The hulking dragon humanoid in its evolution lost its Fire breathing ability but gained the ability of bulk smash. A smash move where it condenses energy into a part of the body and uses it to strike critical damage.

To make up for the lost ability, they are able to communicate directly and easily with dragons, usually using them for riding or battle purposes.

— ———— ——-


Maximum Energy Level: 120

Ability: Bloodline Duplication

A weaker variant of familiars, the Abikus are remarkably weak and find it hard to hold their own amongst other demons and familiars. They make up for their lesser strength by going down to Earth to live life as Children, often engaging in series of death and rebirths, bringing pain to their earthly parents.

—- ——— ——


Maximum Energy Level: 300

Ability: Bloodline Duplication, Elemental Affinity

Familiars are a weak race of humanoid spirit beings. They are incapable of understanding Law energy and make up for this with two abilities. Their bloodline duplication allow them to duplicate a soul matrix, copying its abilities, mannerism and even its looks for a limited period of time before the duplicate bloodline duplicate becomes degraded. They are somewhat proficient with Elemental abilities.

—- —— ——

Black Rage Dragon

Maximum Energy Level: 25 398

Ability: Hate Curse, Energy subtraction, Undying Black Flames

A rare type vengeful Dragon breed, this creature has immense affinity with the Law of Wrath, principle of rage. Using the principle of rage, its ability, Hate Curse, allows it Curse someone, draining 10% of the person's energy continuously until the dragon is dead. It energy subtraction allows it extend an aura that depletes 20% of the energy of any foe within a 20 meter range. It's Undying Black Flames Are Black flames that cannot be quenched until it has completely incinerated its victim.

- - - _ _ _

Earth Shifting Lizard

Maximum Energy Level: 28 543

Ability: Earth Elemental Affinity

The reptilian Breed grows as long as 8 meters and is covered by earth like spikes on the middle of its back, from head to tail. It is creates tremor by smashing its gargantuan tail into the ground and then, using the broken pieces of earth to clutch heavily at its foe.

——— ——— ——-


Maximum Energy Level: 3 000 000

Ability: Charm Speak

Offspring of the Orisha, they begin their soul growth at Elite, maximizing their natural growth at Omega Class. Extremely powerful with a physique with high resistance to attacks of all kind, Emeres top it all by their Charm Speak ability, making them very persuasive and unable to be refused.

—— ——-

Lesser Emere

Maximum Energy Level:50, 000

Ability: Charm Speak

Offspring of spirit beings especially Familiars and humans, the Lesser Emeres bear almost same similarities to their God offspring counterparts, including the CharmSpeak ability except that they are at average height of human and possess a relatively shorter life.

And because of their parentage, they spend most of their lives living with their Earthen parents, this making them the revered super humans amongst Earthlings.

—— —— ——-


Maximum Energy Level: 5,000

Ability: Muscle Condense

A powerful descendants of demon and humans, Titans are packed with tremendous power. Basically a powerhouse, the Titans are red skinned with an average height of 10feet with a near tough skin. Their ability allows for them to condense their muscles losing about 2-3 feet while gaining an immense energy boost for a short while.

——- ——- ——


Maximum Energy Level: 5,400

Ability: Expand

Offspring of Irunmoles and Humans, the giants are quite similar to the Titans. With their ability of Expand, they are able to increase their muscle mass allowing them to temporarily expand their energy point wall for absorption of more energy.

—- ———- ——-


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