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Ascenders: Rising From Zero
Author :sir_impeccable
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"Shadows Eye." The duo chanted as they faded into their shadows escaping the sonic roar.

They popped up in front of the investigators smiling.

But it was such a wrong move as two astral claws gripped their necks up high.

"Shit!" They cursed.

"The move is so easy to anticipate." Mackrys muttered while Terilius groaned on his knees.

"It's useless, we failed." Deola muttered as the astral paws began to lower while essence trailed from her eyes, mouth and nose.

"Tsk... can't use Agbara here." Tobia growled, squirming.

"You don't get it? The ghastly rod is meant to immobilize and cut off the victims acess to Agbara. Somehow he by passed it through his partners help but that doesn't mean the rod isn't trying to shut it down. As we are in the grip, that extends to us too."

"Well... once we land, there'll kill us."

"Yes, what do we do?"

"I'm with the detonate item."

"Me too."

Tobia's hands flicked, as a circular orb flashed in his palms. Without second thought he crushed it, just as the paws brought them inches to the ground.

Just then, the a patch of red began flashing red lights, glowing from their dark gowns.

"No!" Mackrys huffed.

"Detonate?" Terilius asked as the last piece of rod faded away from him. He got up hastily and made to run as his astral lion paws vanished, dropping the vampires unceremoniously.

"Not so fast. Hehehehe..." Deola laughed manically.

"We don't get it, you don't. Cold hands of death, activate" Tobia ordered.

In a flash the two investigators made to jump but were knocked back by sudden appearance of large skeletal palms shrouded in a wreath of darkness that projected from the ground.

"Nooo..." Mackrys screamed as his hands blazed with ferocious winds, slamming against the palm but to no defect as the giant palms clasped over them, capturing vampires and Beastkins in an enclosed space.


The hands rocked abit as the explosion rang out, fumes of yellow hot flames escaping from its fingers. The Fire blazed on, still covered by the palm but began dying off as soon as it started.


The giant skeletal hands hummed, shrinking and retreating into the ground, leaving behind a thoroughly scorched crater of black and an unconscious dog with its frame shuddering behind.


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