Another world another life
12 Meh it feels off not adding to it to incomplete
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Another world another life
Author :WarmAutumnsBreeze
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12 Meh it feels off not adding to it to incomplete

(Hahahhaahahaahhaahahahha unfortunately it didn't work I'm Laughing anyways. this will update randomly thank you to anyone read)

/actual story\

Qiàngdù had been sneaking off regularly the first time she just wanted to see if she could knock out Bàonù but she ran into the first human she saw upon coming to this world. That person mistook her for a child (FYI her physical body is about two) and decided to take care of her. Apparently she wanted to be a mother but didn't have time. To busy hunting my family. The long and short of it is the dragon hunter considers Qiàngdù her

adopted/honorary child. Interesting enough she decided to teach Qiàngdù sword fighting. Though she was considered A class she could have been S class were she male.

"Qiàngdù when you grow stronger and become stronger than even the guild masters why don't you change the system force them to acknowledge anything a man can do a woman can train to do the same!"

This time the woman was drunk when she ran into Qiàngdù.

"Though I, Aaron Lycrat, haven't completed this task I attempt to do so I've eliminated all dragons within this country so why can't they just accept it!"

Apparently ranting to a five year old looking person seems like a good way to get answers. Though if the person she was ranting at was actually five she wouldn't get anything useful.

Though I agree women should have the same ranks as men for the same accomplishments I still can't stand you. When looking at this woman I really want to put her against Jasin she looks weaker but I have no way of comparing that. At this point Bàonù is like her own son. With this Qiàngdù thought up a cruel and devious plot.



Qiàngdù had written a letter I really wanted to look at unfortunately she said she would project torture methods into my head if I dared look at it. So I simply set it on the ledge( two story house with a small front deck he set it on the rail/deck)

Then I go to meet with Língxìng. On the way however Qiàngdù tells me to go on a different path. {go into this right alley way, you wanted to know where I go right?} curiosity got the better of me and I followed her instructions. We come upon a pretty woman with red hair and piercing violet eyes. The woman looks at a paper in her hand then picks me up by my shirt collar. She looks between the paper and me extremely confused.

Suddenly I see Jasin charging at us with her gauntlets glowing. Yoake also came but he only took me then watched as the two women duked it out. Jasin started with the upper hand as she charged in with a surprise attack however the woman swiftly defended pulling out a sword. She thrusted forward swiftly with the strikes a flurry of movement. Yet none of the attacks worked. As Jasin was crushing the woman's throat I cry out to stop them.

"Why are you trying to kill her?!"

"Why?!" Jasin cried out incredulously "this woman kidnapped you and even left a note for ransom!"

That might have been Qiàngdù(it was)

"I did no such thing!" The woman shouted barely as Jasin was still slowly crushing her throat. The two of them argued back in forth before I forcefully brought out Qiàngdù.

"I think I can explain this" they both look at be As Qiàngdù is put in charge of the body. Now I watch hoping that she actually explains {leaving this to me I see}(Qiàngdù)

{Of course! This is your fault!}(Bàonù)

As she takes over she thinks over what to say. Aaron just sees me as a quite kid and Jasin didn't know I existed. Acting cutesy and fragile would be the easiest way out of this

"Sorry I just wanted to see between Miss Aaron and Miss Jasin who was stronger" they stared at her with wide eyes as she continued "I had an older brother write the letter as I wanted you to meet, both of you talk about fighting so much I thought you would like to fight each other" at this point the two slowly got up and walked over all present (besides Qiàngdù and Bàonù) confused. "I thought you'd talk it out not kill each other and Bàonù said strong people like meeting strong people to see who stronger!"

She was talking but no one payed attention to that they were more confused on in thing in particular. Why did the five year old boy with red hair and orange eyes change into a five year old girl with practically black hair and almost gold orange eyes. It's like the same person with slightly longer hair and a different color pallet. This was strange


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