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Adorable Treasured Fox: Divine Doctor Mother Overturning The Heavens!
Author :Xiao Qi Ye
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Chapter 1460 “Dragony’s Father 4 ”

Chapter 1460 “Dragony’s Father (4)”

Bai Xiachen makes a face like he’s enlightened: “Now I understand Mother. So, what did Dragony’s father say?”:

Smirking mischievously, Bai Yan throws the bomb down like a sly fox: “He said to betroth Dragony to you.”


Mo Li Shang instantly started to cough like he’s been hit in the stomach. How old are the kids? They’re already talking about betrothal? And, it’s done by the parent’s own mouth?

Then as if recalling something, the young lad slowly sneaked a peak to the winged piggy next to himself. He wanted to find if there’s any change in the little fella’s expression, but found none to his own relief.

It seems I was overthinking the matter before. Moli only wants to protect the girl in the purest sense and not anything else….

“Mother,” the steambun gets unhappy and buries his frowning face into the woman’s belly, “I don’t want a wife, I only want to stay by your side. Also, Dragony is my sister. If me and her marry then wouldn’t that be considered incest?”

Bai Yan’s face visibly twitched over the last bit. “You’re not blood related so it doesn’t matter. You’re still young so you will understand this in the future.”

The boy merely tilted his head like a lost child, Will I really understand in the future?

“Then Mother, how are we supposed to get out of here?”

Looking up to face the downward slope, Bai Yan makes a meaningful face: “We need to continue down the path, this place won’t stop us anymore. However, Dragony needs to stay here under her father’s request, along with Moli to watch over her.”

Mo Li Shang was the first to react to that statement since it involved his companion. Making a reluctant glance to his little buddy: “Okay, you stay and protect Dragony while she’s asleep. Me and Yan Yan will leave together.”

Although the lad and his piggy companion did agree to split up before, but to actually have the pair go ahead with such an idea was still painful for the pair.

Showing tears along his piggy face, “Master, I will be sure to protect Dragony so you can be assured.”

Regarding this arrangement, Bai Yan didn’t have any objections. In her view, there must be a reason why the voice insisted on the piggy to stay behind.

“Mother, doesn’t it hurt?” Bai Xiachen carefully raises the woman’s hand with a look of pain over the revealing bones, “I will blow on it. Before you would always blow on my wound if I got hurt so you will be fine too.” That said, the boy promptly began to puff up his cheeks to give it a big huff of air like it would do something, “Still hurt?”

“Of course not you silly,” rubbing her son’s head in a happy fashion, “we will go back now. Your father and siblings are waiting for us…”

What needs to be done has been done on this account. Now all that leaves was to confront the enemies coming at them, and whatever fate holds for her and her husband, Bai Yan intends to meet it together!


The sky above the Demon City has already been shrouded in dark looming clouds. It’s uncomfortably suffocating under the constant hammering roars of the thunder. Even so, a single figure remains standing with no fear in his eyes. Such a being exuded dominances and power.

“Keeper Ling!” Suddenly, an excited voice came over from the rear and landed on the conceited Keeper’s side.


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