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Adorable Treasured Fox: Divine Doctor Mother Overturning The Heavens!
Author :Xiao Qi Ye
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Chapter 1459 “Dragony’s Father 3 ”

Chapter 1459 “Dragony’s Father (3)”

“How can you help me?”

“I will give you the rest of my strength to help you advance into further heights, afterwards I will return to my slumber. But my daughter…. I will have to bother you to keep caring for her in the future with the power I give you.”


Just when Bai Yan wanted to open her mouth, a stinging sensation suddenly filled her head and made the woman flinch. Before she knew it, a outside force bordered on the line of invasiveness entered her veins and gathered into the meridan.

“My daughter hasn’t woken up yet so you can put her in this place for a while. No one can step foot here, she’s safe, and the flying pig around you… let him stay and look after my daughter too.”

“Oh, and… your son is quite good from the way I see it. If later on he can cope with the upcoming changes then I will promise him my daughter. As icing on the cake, there’s also a demon sealed within the ice lake here. If your son ever gets strong enough to reach the Demi Divine Lord level, have him come possession of it….”

For a moment, Bai Yan wanted to smack herself to see if this was real. Why does Dragony’s father sound like a market madam that’s constantly yapping away without end, long winded and endless jibbery jabby?

“But why a Demi Divine Lord? Is there a reason for that?”

“Because… That place can only be reached if one is a Demi Divine Lord.”

In the voice’s view, this was the only gift he could offer outside of the power he’s going to give her. For saving Dragony’s life, and for allowing himself to meet his precious daughter again.

“You can rest assured,” tightening up her hands in a firm manner, “no matter what happens, I will not abandon Dragony. She is like family to me. I won’t abandon family.”

“I believe you…”

How could he not believe Bai Yan? A human woman who would take her own essence blood out for a demon, that’s something he’s never heard of during his period alive!

“I also want to ask one last question: how do I get out of this place?”

The voice didn’t hesitate and answered right away like he expected it: “That’s easy, you couldn’t leave before because I wanted you to come here. Now that I’ve met you, the obstacle will naturally clear out on its own if you continue to walk down the mountain path.” After saying this sentence, the strange presence simply disappeared.

Bai Yan understood why of course. Without energy to support his own soul, the voice was bound to fall back into slumber until it regenerates enough to function.

The issue was when….



Or years?


Unaware of how long the time has passed in her current state, Bai Yan’s body had started to tremble excessively due to the surging power from within. She never experienced such force before, which felt like its going to make her flesh burst. Even so, the mind was the key here. As long as she’s able to overcome the mental and spiritual test provided by being fast tracked in her growth, the power would be hers to wield!

“Mother…” Bai Xiachen asks again from the real world, “what’s wrong? Why are you ignoring me? And…”

And suddenly making a breakthrough?

And two stages in a row?

Directly from a Bottom Divine to a High Divine?

As if to answer his call, Bai Yan suddenly moves again. Reaching out with her hand, she rubs the boy’s head in a soothing motion: “Don’t worry Xiachen, I only met Dragony’s father just now. This place is also made by him.”

“Dragony’s father?” The steambun lights up in the face, “But isn’t she the daughter of the former dragon chief? How did you meet him?”

“Well, it’s a difficult thing to explain, but everyone has a past life right? This father is one of Dragony’s past father and not the one you know of.”


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