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Adorable Treasured Fox: Divine Doctor Mother Overturning The Heavens!
Author :Xiao Qi Ye
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Chapter 1458 “Dragony’s Father 2 ”

Chapter 1458 “Dragony’s Father (2)”

“Is that so?” Bai Xiachen nods like he’s enlightened now before turning back to Bai Yan, “But then why is Mother ignoring me?”

Mo Li Shang also noticed this oddity at this point. Furrowing his brow while looking over: “Yan Yan?”

Unfortunately for the two lads there, their words aren’t going to reach the woman’s ear at this moment because something else was happening under their very eyes.


Right now inside Bai Yan’s mind, a haze of fog blinds her sight of view.

“Where is this place? Who’s messing around?” She scans the front vigilantly for signs of attack.

It’s then as if to answer her call, a surreal voice speaks out from all directions: “Fated one, if you are able to come to this place then that means my daughter…. is with you right?”


A slightly confused look took hold of Bai Yan’s eye. There are only two females in their party. One being herself and the other being her goddaughter. And if she remembers correctly and without fault, Dragony should be the daughter of the former dragon chief from the Demon Realm. It doesn’t add up regardless of how she calculated it.

“Your daughter… You mean Dragony, my goddaughter?” Frowning now along the face and speaking in a hostile tone, “I know for a fact she is the daughter of the former dragon chief from the Demon Realm, why are you impersonating her birth father?”

The voice clearly sounded pleased based on its tone despite the aggressive attitude from the other side: “You are not wrong in your assumption. Technically speaking, I am her father from a previous life. Due to some unforeseen circumstances, I had to seal her soul up until the opportunity presented itself. In this case, she went into the wheel of life and was reborn as you said, the daughter of that former dragon chief in your memory.”

A surprised face promptly gripped Bai Yan’s expression because she knew all along something was amiss when she met Dragony. The attachment she held towards the girl was strange to say the least, especially when they never met before until her first arrival at the Demon Realm’s palace.

In light of her own shock, Bai Yan didn’t hurry to follow up with more questions, rather she gathered her wits to get to the bottom of the current dilemma.

“Then what is this place that I’m in? If Dragony is your daughter, does that mean anyone else can also come here if they had her with them?”

“No,” the voice sounded faint and distant, “that is not the case. The reason I allowed you in here is of my own choice. I sensed the blood that is yours inside my daughter’s vein, that’s why I brought you in here when you picked up the scroll housing my soul. It’s also why I am calling you a fated one.”


He must be referring to the essence blood I used to save Dragony….

To think the reason why I wound up here is because of that.

“I’m assuming you didn’t summon us in here just to recognize your daughter is it? There must be another reason as well.”

Perhaps it’s due to the voice’s relationship to her own goddaughter, but Bai Yan’s tone also softened up when searching the area for signs of the source.

“You don’t have to look for me, I won’t come out with my current appearance. It will certainly frighten you if I did so after going through that event. Furthermore, I can’t either even if I wanted to because my continued existence can only be prolonged by staying within the scroll. So, I will have to bother you to keep watch over my daughter in the future.”

“Event? What event are you talking about?”

“You’re too weak the way you are to ask for that detail. Fated one, there are things in this world that aren’t fit for the weak to know. Secondly, I didn’t summon you into the world of the scroll for such talks, I’m here to give you an aiding push.”

Immediately, Bai Yan’s forehead had cringed up into a knot after hearing his intentions. She was just wondering if the so called ‘event’ was related to the calamity that’s being mentioned by the Celestial Palace, but to be told she’s going to get help from a stranger’s voice? Now that’s something she never expected.


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