Adorable Treasured Fox: Divine Doctor Mother Overturning The Heavens!
Chapter 1447 “Exposing Yun Ruo Xi 5 ”
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Adorable Treasured Fox: Divine Doctor Mother Overturning The Heavens!
Author :Xiao Qi Ye
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Chapter 1447 “Exposing Yun Ruo Xi 5 ”

Chapter 1447 “Exposing Yun Ruo Xi (5)”

“First Elder, what should we do with this woman now?” Dragon Flame asks with a frown along his face.

Faint and unemotional in his reply, First Elder’s gaze showed he was looking at nothing more than a piece of garbage: “The queen’s stuff is back in our hands now so there’s no reason to keep her alive. Make sure she suffers a lot for what she did, I don’t want to make it too pleasing.”

Yun Ruo Xi had just finished climbing back up to flee again when she overheard that statement. Immediately, a look of horror filled that face.

These people… they really want to kill me?

“No!” She cries instinctively.

I don’t want to die!

Stumbling back to gain space, tears filled that face to make her all the more pitiful. If it were those from the Celestial Palace, they would surely take notice and lend a hand. However, these were members of the Demon Realm. Even if the soldiers here didn’t witness the events of the past in person, they could still imagine the heart wrenching scenes based on the details they got today.

“Since you like to act all pitiful so much then I will make sure you can’t ever do it again.”


Following a casual wave of his hand, a sword swiftly flashed across Yun Ruo xi’s face. The latter didn’t react at first, but as the tingling sensation gradually came through, that’s when the woman noticed the slight warmth trickling down the cheek.

“My face, AHHHH! My face!” She howls like a banshee, causing those nearest to flinch at the intense screech.

Nevertheless, the sound didn’t hinder the demon soldiers from enacting their rage at this old witch. They are frustrated and angry as well, but for a different reason of the Demon Realm being sealed away for a millennium.

“Scram!” Suddenly, a howling roar of intense rage rocked the air, sending the group back and clearing an area away from the screaming woman.

Even so, it’s already too late for the old witch. Once freed and able to look up again, that face had already been ruined with plenty of bruises and blood. There’s nothing left to show what her true contour was before this.

“Ruo Xi!” Keeper Ling went red in the eyes after finding the terrible state the old witch was in.

“How are you Ruo Xi? Answer me quickly!”

Looking up in a dazed like manner due to how much hurt she suffered: “Keeper Ling… are you here to save me?”

“I have come Ruo Xi, I’m sorry for being so late. Don’t be afraid. Now that I’m here no one can hurt you.” Flashing a cold frosted glint in those old eyes towards the demons, “They can’t do anything to you, and sooner or later, I will make them pay.”

Going quiet for a few seconds, the old witch simply stared upwards before breaking out into a miserable cry of agonizing pain.

“Keeper Ling… Healer Yu wants to kill me so I got scared and fled out here. I didn’t want to die before being able to save the world, but during my escape, these demons caught me halfway and that’s when I met this man.” That said, she points to Winger, “He snatched my amulet away, then shamelessly claimed it belongs to Bai Yan. I wanted to take it back, but then they tried to kill me….”

Growing increasingly irate along the face after finding the missing amulet along the girl’s neck: “Bai Yan is a traitor to humanity so how can she be worthy of holding the amulet? They’re only jealous of you and wants to steal what’s yours. Don’t worry, they can never do that because its your destiny to own it!”


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