Adorable Treasured Fox: Divine Doctor Mother Overturning The Heavens!
Chapter 1446 “Exposing Yun Ruo Xi 4 ”
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Adorable Treasured Fox: Divine Doctor Mother Overturning The Heavens!
Author :Xiao Qi Ye
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Chapter 1446 “Exposing Yun Ruo Xi 4 ”

Chapter 1446 “Exposing Yun Ruo Xi (4)”

“Yun Ruo Xi…” Winger sadly closes his eyes, “I will never forget how you denigrated her in front of me. Turns out these truths you spout are nothing but lies, I too have been blinded by you for all these years.”

What irony. Turns out by the time he made it out of that dark place and headed out to search for her, the light in his heart had already left the Celestial Realm…. What makes him even sadder though was the fact that this old witch tricked him, causing him to hate the very girl for all these years.

In light of the contemptable look she’s getting, Yun Ruo Xi actually showed a smug look: “So what, do you hate me now? Don’t forget, if it wasn’t for me you would still be out there looking for her. If not for me, would you have such a stable lifestyle for the past hundred years? I bet you would’ve killed yourself if you had learned of her destruction! You wouldn’t be alive without me!”

All in all, she still believes she deserves thanks for lying to the poor guy, not this sort of maltreatment.

Against this twisted logic and shameless attitude, Winger didn’t find it strange. Heck, it’s not the first time he witnessed such behavior so all he did was glare at her like a soul slicing reaper.

Under the pressure of those eyes, the old witch suddenly started to panic again after realizing what position she was still in: “Winger, even if I didn’t save you, we’ve still been together for all these years. I know you have some ties with these demons so take me away. Afterwards we are clear of any debt between us.”

Even now, the woman here still wants to use Winger to her own advantage by demanding he save her. Talk about shameless to the core.

“Yun Ruo Xi,” making a crunching sound from his fists when forcing that name out, “did you forget the way you treated me all these years? Aside from scolding me what else have you done? No matter how much I help you, all I get are cold hard words from you. I put up with it because I thought you were her, but now….” Forming a condemning smirking, “You should be happy I’m not killing you myself so what qualifications do you have to expect me of saving you?”

No one could possibly understand the level of pain he felt on the moment he discovered Yun Ruo Xi wasn’t the real one. It’s enough to send the weaker minded into insanity, that’s how intense those emotions were.

“You can’t kill me!” The old witch cries out in fright, “Keeper Ling and the others won’t let you do this, they will come save me!”

First Elder was done listening to the rambles of this insane woman. Ignoring the struggling witch, he reaches out with his hand and ripped the moon amulet right off her neck with a swipe.


This can’t happen!

I can’t lose the amulet!

A look of desperation gripped Yun Ruo Xi’s face upon touching her own neck, “Give that back! Give it back!”

Without a care for her own safety now, she madly rushes the elder in an attempt to retrieve said item. Unfortunately, this woman clearly doesn’t know her own ability and challenged someone she shouldn’t have.

Following a heavy huff from First Elder and a wave of his sleeve, the shameless and vile witch was instantly repelled several meters into the air, landing only after slamming into the ground and causing a massive outpour of blood from her mouth.

The amulet is mine! Bai Yan gave it to me so it’s mine, how dare these people steal my thing?!


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