Adorable Treasured Fox: Divine Doctor Mother Overturning The Heavens!
Chapter 1445 “Exposing Yun Ruo Xi 3 ”
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Adorable Treasured Fox: Divine Doctor Mother Overturning The Heavens!
Author :Xiao Qi Ye
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Chapter 1445 “Exposing Yun Ruo Xi 3 ”

Chapter 1445 “Exposing Yun Ruo Xi (3)”

“And, me turning into this like today is also Bai Yan’s fault!” Vicious and malicious in her voice, the old witch grits her teeth when speaking that last bit.

Dragon Flame was honestly speechless and didn’t know how to comment on that. He knew this woman was a bad one, but not to such an extent. It’s downright shameless and illogical!


Just then, an old derisive laugh came out of nowhere, followed immediately by the emergence of an elderly figure donning a sleek white robe.

“Yun Ruo Xi, are you intending to surrender yourself by coming alone, or are you here to apologize to the queen for all the past crimes you committed?”

Recognizing the situation had already left her control by the appearance of another third person, the old witch promptly wanted to turn tail and flee. However, by the time she realizes it, there’s already plenty of demon soldiers standing on ready with their spears pointing out.

“Wh-What are you all trying to do? I’m warning you, if anything happens to me then Keeper Ling and the others won’t let any of you go!”

First Elder snickers a laugh at the ridiculous threat: “One might think those bastards from the Celestial Palace are going to let us go anyways from the way you said it. Yun Ruo Xi, do you remember what you did a thousand years ago?”

No answer came from the woman, merely a look of urgency at wanting to run.

“A thousand years ago, the Celestial Realm suddenly came out with word of you being able to save the world, and that our queen will overthrow the world and destroy it. I didn’t think much of that rumor, but now it seems those were all your doing isn’t it?”

Truth was First Elder had been around the area the entire time, about the same moment when Dragon Flame tailed Winger to this location. But unlike the latter who cut in earlier, he didn’t want to show himself just yet since he wasn’t instructed to deal with the old witch. However, things have changed now….. Since the truth has come out, he no longer wants to stand back since he’s one of the few who knew the whole story and more after today’s detail being revealed!

“Pity, our queen did not know your true nature and of how vile and evil you are inside. She kept insisting on you being a good person and ordered everyone to respect you, but I knew better, that’s why I had my men shadow you from the very start! But I honestly never thought you were that cruel, murdering a newborn fox when you thought no one was looking. Then as if that wasn’t enough, you fooled those idiotic Keepers to attack the queen on your behalf and tried to execute Her Highness. If not for His Majesty arrival in time, the queen would’ve died right on that day!”

Closing his old eyes, First Elder started to recall back to those ancient memories where the events didn’t turn out well.

“But that wouldn’t be enough for someone like you would it? Despite severely injuring the queen and causing the king to give up his essence blood in order to save Her Highness, you vile scums just won’t give up. In the end the queen lost the baby in her belly because of you!”

Practically screaming now due to the fierce rage he’s been suppressing for all these years, First Elder’s detailed recount of the past hammered at everyone’s heart like they’re witnessing all over again.

“What exactly did the queen do wrong? Why did you treat her like that? Is it because she’s too kind and won’t discard a backstabbing witch like you?” Growling now, “Hahaha, how laughable! Everything you suffered is caused by your own two hands. What injury because you tried to save the queen? Only an idiot would believe something so stupid when we take Her Highness as our liege.”


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