Adorable Treasured Fox: Divine Doctor Mother Overturning The Heavens!
Chapter 1444 “Exposing Yun Ruo Xi 2 ”
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Adorable Treasured Fox: Divine Doctor Mother Overturning The Heavens!
Author :Xiao Qi Ye
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Chapter 1444 “Exposing Yun Ruo Xi 2 ”

Chapter 1444 “Exposing Yun Ruo Xi (2)”

“Don’t listen to his nonsense Winger. You know me for so long, are you really going to believe him over me who has had the amulet from the start?” Trying to force a smile that only made her look bleak and untrustworthy, Yun Ruo Xi was betting on their long relationship to prevail.

Unfortunately for the old witch though, the bird man only saw the look of panic and guilt along the woman’s face that left him numb to the heart. Making a sarcastic smile: “Then why do you not know about the amulet’s name being All Heaven?”

“This…” Stumped for a proper answer, she bites her lip and forces the excuse, “That’s because the name is not true, it’s something he made up! Winger, you must believe me, I am your benefactor and the one who saved you from that darkness. You said you will protect me forever in this life, did you not?”

No longer rippling with emotions, nor wanting to explode in rage, Winger only felt a cold chill run down his spine at what was now the absolute truth. “The one, the light…. The girl back then called the amulet All Heaven! To think I would be such a fool. I actually forgot something so important like the very name of the item I was supposed to always remember.”

Otherwise…… he wouldn’t have been fooled to such an extent by this Yun Ruo Xi either!

Closing his eyes in pain, Winger began to go over the many years of humiliation he suffered at the hands of this deceitful old witch.

He also doubted why such a kind girl would become so cruel to the point where he didn’t want to recognize each other at first. However, Yun Ruo Xi’s explanation gave him a flicker of hope for change at the time. Like for example: she suffered a severe injury at Bai Yan’s hand and couldn’t recover, or that her fiancé left because of another woman, that’s why she had such a huge
change in personality. It all made sense at first, but looking back at it now…. Talk about laughable, truly laughable for anyone to ever believe that nonsense!

Stumbling back as she sloppily tries to gain some distance, Yun Ruo Xi now knew what foolishness meant as she fixed onto the once loyal dog: “What did you say?”

“I said, this amulet is called All Heaven, the girl who saved me back then told me this personally.” Staring upwards with a frosted glint in his eyes, Winger appeared hostile and murderous.


Like a sunny day being torn away, the old witch stammered for a proper reply.

The amulet really is called All Heaven?

Why didn’t those Keepers tell me?

How come they didn’t know?

Once again, the hated image of Bai Yan surfaced within Yun Ruo Xi’s head.

This is all Bai Yan’s fault! She never mentioned the name before! It’s all her fault!

“Hoho,” Dragon Flame already knew this would happen after he took action, just not this awesome and spectacular. “Winger, you are the heir to the Terraraptor Bird Clan, it’s shameful for you to have ever believed such a vicious woman.”

“I am vicious?” Yun Ruo Xi snarls viciously in return at the accusation, “If it hadn’t been for her existence, would the Lord leave during the marriage night? I was supposed to marry the Celestial Lord, it was Bai Yan who destroyed it all, my happiness!”

When speaking the last sentence, the eyes of this deceitful witch appeared red and fanatically like she’s some sort of mad crazed beast.

“Celestial Lord?” Dragon Flame sounds like he’s speaking of something degrading just by mentioning the name: “What the heck is that? Don’t tell me you’re claiming the queen is in love with your whatever lord and stole him away? Oh god, how stupid do you have to be in the head? Compared to my king who rules all of demon kind, your love interest is laughable in comparison. I bet you don’t even have the heart of your Celestial Lord to begin with, that’s why he left on his own!”

“You…” Pointing her finger out at the old goat in utter rage, “Bai Yan have always been a vicious person. She has the demon king by her side already, yet she refuses to let Chu Yi God go and seduced him before my marriage night. Only fools like you are dumb enough to be tricked by her wicked ways!”


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