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Adorable Treasured Fox: Divine Doctor Mother Overturning The Heavens!
Author :Xiao Qi Ye
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Chapter 1411 “The Only Light 3 ”

Chapter 1411 “The Only Light (3)”

Truly, Yun Ruo Xi did in fact believe the man choking at her throat right now saved her because he liked her, not because of something like using her as a shield!

“You and Yan’er can’t be compared together!” Tossing the lump of meat to the ground in a barbaric manner, Chu Yi God continues in a cold hard fashion: “Keeper Ling and the others may be blind, but I am not! You will never be able to match her goodness!”

You will never be able to match her goodness!

This sentence was akin to a thousand arrows, each piercing right through to Yun Ruo Xi’s heart and burying her in a mountain of hurt.

“Why? Why do you keep liking her more than me when I’ve waited a millennium for you? What’s so worthy to make you choose her over me?” She asks with a sorrowful face.

Another gush of wind blasts out of the man in response, this time powerful enough to blow the woman off the feet and into the bushes, thus causing her to become a tattered mess in the process.

“I said you can’t be compared to her, what don’t you understand?” An annoyance filled the person’s voice, “This is my warning, I will only let you go this one time. If you appear before Yan’er again then don’t blame me for being cruel. I don’t care if you are useful or not, I will personally put an end to you!”

A visible shudder rocked Yun Ruo Xi’s body as she struggled to climb up from the ground. She couldn’t believe this. As a result of her pouring emotions, a tidal wave of tears spewed out of those eyes like a waterfall.

Why can’t he simply kill me instead of saying those cruel words to me? I waited so long for him, why do I deserve such a cruel fate?

“I thought even if you won’t love, but you will one day marry me.” Closing her eyes, she mutters this one sentence out.

Didn’t he almost marry me back then? If it wasn’t for Bai Yan, perhaps we would be man and wife already….

“Hmph, I only agreed because Keeper Ling promised me they wouldn’t kill Yan’er if I did so. I believed him, yet they went back on their promise and never intended to let her go. Yun Ruo Xi, don’t think I don’t know you’re one of the main reasons in pushing those old fools into treating her that way.”

A huge look of panic gripped the woman’s face at being pointed out: “No… I didn’t! Lord, you must have misunderstood me. Is it Bai Yan? Did she tell you something false?”

How did he find out? It must be Bai Yan! Yes, it must be her! She must’ve said something while I wasn’t around!

“Yan’er don’t know anything so you can stop blaming her for everything. Only Keeper Ling and them would be so oblivious. After a millennium, I’ve seen through it all.”

The funny thing was he too had been blinded by lies and deceit back then, hence his foolish decision to harm his love of a lifetime.

Going numb in the legs, Yun Ruo Xi collapses to the ground again, her eyes exposing a look of distraught. And unlike earlier, the imposter wouldn’t believe the man was doing it out of mercy or love, it’s definitely something darker.

So he knows everything….

If he knew then why did he leave me my life?

“I never liked you, never had and never will. When I first met you I already disliked you, and the only reason I remained polite was due to Yan’er’s connection.”


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