Adorable Treasured Fox: Divine Doctor Mother Overturning The Heavens!
Chapter 1400 “The Proud Little Glutton 4 ”
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Adorable Treasured Fox: Divine Doctor Mother Overturning The Heavens!
Author :Xiao Qi Ye
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Chapter 1400 “The Proud Little Glutton 4 ”

Chapter 1400 “The Proud Little Glutton (4)”

Ruo Xi said so, if the Demon Realm has a little princess then she wouldn’t be allowed to live, but if they only have a prince then he won’t have to kill an innocent child! That’s why Winger felt so relieved to hear the news that Bai Yan gave birth to a son.

The demon soldiers naturally didn’t know what was running through Winger’s head of course. After the stranger left, one of them hurried to the palace to make this report. But because Di Cang wasn’t around at the time, the messenger could only forward the news to First Elder who was next in charge. Unexpectedly though, Dragon Flame had been walking through this area and caught sight of the happy looking soldier, thus allowing him to intercept the message as well.

“What did you say? A member of the Terraraptor Crow family?” Dragon Flame asks with a hint of surprise.

“Lord Dragon Flame, he is indeed a terraraptor crow, I can recognize him through what I’ve seen in the ancient books. There is no mistake.”

A sense of joy filled the old goat’s face then: “Are you sure there’s no mistake? Fine, take me to him now, I want to meet his boy. His family’s elder and I used to have a good relationship, to think that old boy still had some descendants around, what a wonderful news.”

“This…” the guard grew hesitant in his voice, “Lord Dragon Flame, I’m afraid that won’t be possible. That person already left because I told him to come back in three days…..”

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Frowning along his old face: “Hmmm…. Alright, I will wait for him at the main gates then in three days. If any of you see him again then you must come find me. I need to confirm his identity myself. If he really is who he claims then I must have him stay here with me.”

Unlike some of the inferior demon races that roam this world today, the Dragons and Terraraptor Crow family are both special in a way that they are duty bound to protect the demon king.

Shame though, Dragon Flame was doomed to not meet Winger. The assassin’s purpose in coming was to confirm if Bai Yan gave birth to a prince or princess. Now that he’s made sure it’s a boy, he had no other purpose in returning and left confidently.

But that wasn’t to say this matter would go unnoticed. Bai Yan did eventually learn of Winger’s arrival and her initial reaction was a flash of stupor along the face. She’s trying to remember something, an incident far into the past, but that flicker of memory couldn’t be caught and escaped her like a fleeting image.

“Mother.” The little glutton climbs up from the stool next to the lady and wrapped himself around her tummy to get a good hug in.

“You did not go with your big brother and sister to play?” Bai Yan asks with a motherly smile.

Hanging that little head like he’s been wronged: “Mother, am I not cute, or did I do something bad?”

“Why do you ask this question? Of course my Jin Tian is lovely and good.”

Raising his head to meet his gaze with hers, “Then why do Big Brother always treat Ling Yan better? He carries her when she’s tired, feed her when she’s hungry, and gives her a kiss when she asks for one?”


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