Adorable Treasured Fox: Divine Doctor Mother Overturning The Heavens!
Chapter 1394 “For You, I Will Forsake the World 2 ”
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Adorable Treasured Fox: Divine Doctor Mother Overturning The Heavens!
Author :Xiao Qi Ye
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Chapter 1394 “For You, I Will Forsake the World 2 ”

Chapter 1394 “For You, I Will Forsake the World (2)”

“Is this all you have to say after coming to find me?” After a long silence, Chu Yi God once again spoke, his appearance returning to the indifferent attitude he has towards the world.

“I only want an answer to one question: why did you deceive Yan’er? Why did you put Xiachen and her in danger? You know the Sky Fox’s blood can’t remove that darkness in the boy.”

Smiling bitterly along the face now, the Celestial Lord almost appeared emotional there for a split second: “I did it for her sake. That grudge inside the boy is too heavy. Sooner or later it will undoubtedly harm her, not to mention it’s the only way to allow Xiachen to grow faster. Only when the boy grows stronger will he be able to protect her safety.”


Chu Yi Feng disappears in a flash, reappearing directly behind his counterpart in the next. However, instead of actually making contact with his attack, the surreal and indifferent Celestial Lord disappears from the spot, only to come back into existence atop of a hilly cliff not far away.

“You’re not my match so let’s stop this.” Chu Yi God says with a hint of humor.

Stopping in his action, Chu Yi Feng snapped back: “If you really care for Yan’er then you should be discussing things with her, not deceiving her! Do you know how much you will hurt her this way?”

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“Yan’er is good in many ways, but she’s too emotional when doing things. I don’t want her to experience danger,” the Celestial Lord counters.

He also knew lying to Bai Yan would make her hate him, but the man would rather she hate him than allow her to be in danger. So, for the one person he cares about in this whole wide world, Chu Yi God would rather she hate him if that’s a must.

Chu Yi Feng’s face grew increasingly colder after hearing that. Raising up a storm around himself in the process: “Not deceiving her is being respectful. It’s no wonder she abandoned you in the previous life.”

On this point alone Di Cang was superior to Chi Yi God. At the very least, the demon king respects the opposite sex and listens to their demands, while this supposed savior of the Celestial Realm wouldn’t show an ounce of respect to those he cares for.

The Celestial Lord’s perennially indifferent and cold face finally cracked under that insult. Showing an almost angered expression, his eyes grew hard: “I don’t need you telling me what I did wrong. I know I wronged her, that’s why she left me… otherwise, we would’ve been married a long time ago.” Closing his eyes, Chu Yi God’s expression showed pain and regretful look.

It was I who pushed her away, and it was I who nearly destroyed her….

“Hmph, even without that event, she still wouldn’t have married you. You’re not just a little bit inferior to Di Cang, but a lot more!”

The implication of that was Bai Yan would never be his even without that incident.

Sure enough, Chu Yi God felt like his heart’s been pierced by multiple swords in that moment, causing him to bleed in pain at the soul level.

He knows what Chu Yi Feng said there was the truth. It’s just that he’s never been able to admit to that fact until now when his counterpart finally poked through the thin layer of bubble he’s been hiding behind.

Back then Bai Yan was always well-behaved and sensible, only before Di Cang did she ever act out and show her true personality. For that reason alone, Chu YI God knew the relationship between the two weren’t the same as his own. It’s very special, to the point where he the ruler of the Celestial Realm had to resort to trickery of a young lady for marriage…..


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