Adorable Treasured Fox: Divine Doctor Mother Overturning The Heavens!
Chapter 1393 “For You, I Will Forsake the World 1 ”
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Adorable Treasured Fox: Divine Doctor Mother Overturning The Heavens!
Author :Xiao Qi Ye
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Chapter 1393 “For You, I Will Forsake the World 1 ”

Chapter 1393 “For You, I Will Forsake the World (1)”

“Alright… I’ll wait for you to come back. No matter when that is, this will always be your home.” Bai Yan says, her eyes longing and hopeful.

As long as the place has me, it will always be your home….


In a cloud covered valley some distance away, Chu Yi Feng was standing there with a gloom across his face while confronting someone that’s of similar appearance. This individual had a similar air, but was more surreal and indifferent to the things around him. That stranger was Chu Yi God, a man that has time and time again saved Bai Yan in the past.

“You stay away from Yan’er and her son.” The young lord of the Holy Land demands with a tone that’s lacking in temperature.

The man opposite of him smiled, “Don’t forget why you exists in this world. You’re not qualified to interfere with my business.”

Making a crunching sound as his fist clenched into a ball, Chu Yi Feng clearly appeared frustrated: “Yan’er is someone I will protect with my life, I won’t allow anyone to hurt her, even you!”

Apparently that proclamation had a stinging effect on Chu Yi God, which made his expression grow faintly sad from the surface: “If back then I was as firm as you, would she have left me?”

Unfortunately, he made a mistake, a huge one at that, causing him to lose the one woman he loves.

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“I know you are aware of a lot of things already, but she doesn’t remember anything still. When she does though, she will undoubtedly hate me and blame you.” Chu Yi God’s expression suddenly grows heavier, “Even so, are you still going to stand by her like always?”

“You are you, I am I, don’t compare me with you.” Chu Yi Feng’s voice sounded borderline apathetic there.

Perhaps only matters related to Bai Yan would be able to stir the feelings inside this man. Everything simply doesn’t rouse a reaction the young lord of the Holy Land.

“You should know that we are…”

“Shut up!”

Not waiting for Chu Yi God to finish his sentence, the younger one cuts him off.

“What you do has nothing to do with me, Yan’er is the one I’ve chosen to protect with my all. You and I are not the same!”

This person would forsake Yan’er for the world, while I will forsake the world for her. Chu Yi God is not me, and I will never be him!

Not getting angry at all, the Celestial Lord actually smiled there: “I hope you can be like that and never change in your decision. The mistake I made can never be redeemed so I hope you won’t go down the same path I did….”

Chu Yi Feng openly sneered at the slightest hint of that possibility: “You care about too many people. The Celestial Palace, the world, and those that you don’t even know, you forsake her for them. Know this, I won’t do that, I won’t go down that path so you can rest on that idea.”

What does the survival of this world have to do with me? As long as Yan’er can live a safe and happy life, they mean nothing!


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