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Adorable Treasured Fox: Divine Doctor Mother Overturning The Heavens!
Author :Xiao Qi Ye
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Chapter 1380 “Come On Their Own 6 ”

Chapter 1380 “Come On Their Own (6)”

Bai Xiachen hung his head, knowing he didn’t think everything through and made a blunder: “Mother, this is all my idea, it has nothing to do with Jin Tian and Ling Yan.”

The steambun was afraid Bai Yan would blame his younger siblings so he immediately shouldered the responsibility.

Seeing the guilty look coming out of his son’s dejected face, Bai Yan couldn’t help but sigh. She couldn’t be too harsh on him, after all, she also failed in this regard for not protecting them better. “Mu Xue tried to lead me out of the palace, I think perhaps going after Ling Yan isn’t her only purpose.”

Puzzlement showed along that little face: “Mother, what do you mean by that?”

Shaking her head: “It’s nothing, let’s go back to the palace first. I can’t be at ease with you and your brother staying outside like this, nor do I feel comfortable leaving Ling Yan alone in the palace. Do not leave the city again, do you understand?” Her serious tone once again causes the boy to flinch, which made him look even more pathetic in the face.

It couldn’t be helped, Bai Xiachen really lacked consideration in his little plan. He’s lucky it turned out this way with Bai Yan locating them and not something worse.

But the little glutton was too young to understand any of this. For Jin Tian, he only saw how their mother was reprimanding his older brother and wanted to help.

“Don’t scold Big Brother please….” Jin Tian tugs at the woman’s sleeve, his face pitiful and teary.

Making a smile to comfort her younger son: “Don’t be sad Jin Tian, I’m only teaching your older brother, I’m not angry. I will overlook it this time, but there won’t be a second time. Anyways, who allowed you two to leave the city despite my orders to not do so?”

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Bai Xiachen’s body visibly stiffened up over that question: “Mother, it’s me… I threatened them to let me out, and under my bloodline pressure, they didn’t dare to stop me. I… I snuck out like that.”

“I see, I am at fault too then for being so careless. I thought you kids would be safe as long as you’re in the city, but I’m clearly wrong in that regard. Very well, for the time period you kids are to stay in the palace and not allowed to step outside. You’re grounded, both you and your younger brother.”

Bai Xiachen almost wanted to cry and plead for mercy. He’s going to be bored to death being stuck inside the palace grounds, there’s nothing to play with. However, he also knows there’s no other way to wiggle out of this situation, after all, he’s been caught red handed and failed as well in his little scheme to catch Mu Xue. The boy has no grounds to stand on.


Back over in the main body of the palace, the whole residence has been plunged into chaos due to the princess’s supposed disappearance.

Since Di Cang and the elders are in a private meeting, they aren’t aware of what’s happening and none dared to barge in on their discussion due to prior orders. Then Bai Yan their queen wasn’t around either, leaving the servants and soldiers without a head to lead them. Nevertheless, that doesn’t mean every stretch of the palace grounds were in chaos. The princess’s own wing was rather calm right now.

Since the day of Mu Xue’s betrayal, the care of Ling Yan has fallen entirely on Mu Ying’s shoulder. Aside from this guardian maid, none are allowed to step inside this area.

“Lord Yuan Po, should we go inform the king? After all, the princess’s disappearance is a big deal.” A palace guard asks their head captain with a rather anxious face.

Yuan Po was in charge of security around these parts so he’s not feeling so well either. He’s rigid and nervous, knowing what would happen if they don’t locate the baby soon.

“Keep looking, and send someone out of the palace to search the city! Not only do we need to find the little princess, we also need to find the queen!” Wiping the sweat off his forehead, he grits his teeth and snapped out this order.

“Then should we go look in the princess’s residential wing again? Her Highness might’ve returned by now.” Another guard suggests, hoping that might be the case.

“There’s no need, I just saw the little prince heading into the princess’s quarter to rest. It’s best not to scare His Highness with this news, it’s bad enough as it is.” Yuan Po mutters this to his subordinates.


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