Adorable Treasured Fox: Divine Doctor Mother Overturning The Heavens!
Chapter 1367 “Keeper Ling’s Outrage 5 ”
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Adorable Treasured Fox: Divine Doctor Mother Overturning The Heavens!
Author :Xiao Qi Ye
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Chapter 1367 “Keeper Ling’s Outrage 5 ”

Chapter 1367 “Keeper Ling’s Outrage (5)”

“Right, what were you two talking about just now? What did you mean by infighting?” Keeper Blue asks again after recalling this tidbit.

“Before when we were at the Demon City, Bai Yan said the Celestial Palace has fallen into chaos where everyone was attacking one another, and that Keeper Red has died in the process. We came back as soon as I got the signal from Keeper Yellow’s messenger token….”

Unlike Keeper Zun who only felt incredibly stupid for being played, Keeper Ling was seriously becoming twisted in his facial expression. One could figuratively see a burning flame of hatred in those eyes.

Demon Realm!

Bai Yan!

Di Cang!

Those bastards!

“I didn’t expect Bai Yan to be so bold to lie to me!” Huffing hard to keep his temper under control, Keeper Ling explains without a hint of remorse for his own actions.

This unapologetic appearance didn’t escape Keeper Yellow of course. He took the brunt of those attacks and suffered greatly, which could be seen from the blood leaking from the corner of his mouth. “So that gives you the right to hit me? You didn’t say so much as a word to me when you attacked!”

Retorting in an unreasonable manner: “If you knew it was a misunderstanding then why didn’t you speak up? Why did you keep quiet then?”

That’s just how it was. Since the day the old coot went mad and had his strength decline greatly, the title of strongest Keeper had fallen onto this ill-tempered old timer. Whether he’s right or wrong, or whether or not the fault lies with him, the individual here didn’t care. It’s also the reason why everyone holds such a strong opinion about the grumpy guy.

“Keeper Ling!” Snapping as well at the ridiculous reply, the injured Keeper couldn’t hold back and started to vent his anger in kind: “What do you mean I didn’t speak up? Did you bother to let me speak up? Don’t think for a second I don’t know you dislike me! I bet you are only using this occasion and excuse to attack me! Now that you know it’s a misunderstanding you still won’t apologize? You got some nerve!”

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“Hmph!” Grunting in contempt, Keeper Ling thought otherwise, “And what if I’m being unreasonable? Look around you! All I did was leave for a few days and what did you all do to the palace? Ruins! Everything is in shambles because all of you can’t get a hang of yourselves! Now you got the nerve to come reprimand me?! You even allowed Keeper Red to die! If anything, my punch to you is considered leniency!”

Now Keeper Yellow could literally faint due to the blood boiling up from his throat. He’s seen shameless before, but not this shameless!

“Enough is enough, you two keep your mouths shut for now!” Keeper Zun figured they are going nowhere and cuts in again: “The main thing is we need to focus back on the main issue. Gather everyone still available, it’s time we brought the fight to those from the Demon Realm!”

That proclamation actually stunned Keeper Blue and the others: “But what about the Celestial Lord’s order?”

“You still think we can stay put at this point? The Demon Realm’s forces have invaded our lands, attacked the Celestial Palace, and killed one of our own! They killed Keeper Red who has been with us for centuries! Order or no order, the line has been crossed!”

If it were under normal circumstances, they would never disobey Chu Yi God’s order, especially Keeper Zun who was the kindest of the bunch. However, it’s also because of his kindness that the old elder decides to go against his liege’s order. For the sake of this world, he must, his heart demands of it!

Continuing to go over the next course of action: “Now then Keeper Ling, while we continue to search for the Lord by sending our people out, we also need to make preparations for our fight with Di Cang and Bai Yan. I can tell by now for certain that they will never hand over a newborn princess to us after what they’ve done here….”


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