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Adorable Treasured Fox: Divine Doctor Mother Overturning The Heavens!
Author :Xiao Qi Ye
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Chapter 1361 “Bai Xiao Has Come 4 ”

Chapter 1361 “Bai Xiao Has Come (4)”

Those demon soldiers already knew of Bai Xiao’s identity so they didn’t make things difficult for the human teen, however, they couldn’t even if they tried here today. The air coming out of the person was frighteningly cold that it scared everyone nearby.

“As expected of Sir Bai Xiao, he is indeed the king’s brother-in-law….”

Right as the soldiers were murmuring the subject between themselves, Bai Xiao’s cold hard voice instantly cuts them off: “Bring Di Cang out to see me! I demand he come out right now!”


Answering that demand was instead the sound of the main gate being pushed open, followed closely by the beautiful image of that figure whom he’s been trying to meet.

Bai Xiao’s body made a noticeable freeze in that split second. He couldn’t believe its his sister that came out to meet him and not Di Cang. But no matter, this was what he wanted more and it showed in that extremely warm smile he made.

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Bai Xiao couldn’t even begin to describe his emotions right now, so, what did he do? Raise his voice of course!


Without hesitation, the young man ran forward and brought the woman into a huge hug.

“I’m finally able to see you again…..”

Bai Yan’s body stiffened over the intense reunion. Raising her hand, she gently pats this younger brother of hers like they’ve returned to the past where its only them trying to survive in that household.

“Xiao’er, how have you been? Are you doing well?”

Relaxing his grip around the woman in his arms: “Aside from missing you, everything is fine.”

Through his longing comes motivation, and only through motivation could he grow stronger. This was his driving force, the reason Bai Xiao could withstand the harshness out in the world and come this far alone.

“Xiao’er, I heard someone is pursuing you, is that true?”

This news was something Bai Yan picked up while she was at the border city a while back. According to those people’s gossiping words, the pursuers are also from the Celestial Realm, which was why she’s asking this right away. She’s also concerned for this younger brother of hers.

Showing a faint smile at the concern coming his way: “Sister, now is not the time to talk about me, we can speak later. First I will take you away.”

Bai Yan was startled by that: “Leave? Why leave?”

“I’ve heard about everything that’s been happening here. This is also the reasoning for my coming. At first I was only trying my luck to see if you’re back yet, but thank goodness you are. Now we can leave!”

For the past year or so, Bai Xiao has never stopped looking for his older sister. He’s searched far and wide across the Celestial Realm and found nothing, that’s why he came back to the Demon City to try his luck a second time. Unexpectedly, it worked!

“My sister is so good, why should you stay here and suffer under that person? No man out there is worthy of you!”

If it were just those rumors he overheard from others then Bai Xiao wouldn’t have believed it so wholeheartedly. However, when he came to the Demon City the first time….


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