Adorable Treasured Fox: Divine Doctor Mother Overturning The Heavens!
Chapter 1357 “Protect the Princess for a Lifetime 4 ”
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Adorable Treasured Fox: Divine Doctor Mother Overturning The Heavens!
Author :Xiao Qi Ye
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Chapter 1357 “Protect the Princess for a Lifetime 4 ”

Chapter 1357 “Protect the Princess for a Lifetime (4)”


But that’s all Yu Yao could utter out there. What followed next was the sight of blood surging out of a wound along her chest as the blade pierced right through that body.

“That’s the price of insulting my children!” Bai Yan says, her voice hard and cold.

That’s the price of insulting my children….

Tears of regret came pouring out of the old hag’s eyes. She wanted to mutter something in her dying state, but she was done at this point. There’s nothing left holding her life in, which could be seen when her head fell downwards and hitting the ground.

Although Mu Ying has lost all love for this despicable mother of hers, but watching the very person who gave birth to herself still felt like a sting to the heart.

Is it worth it? All of this? The maid inwardly asks.

Mu Yu Tian also had a change of expression once his wife finally breathed her last breath. The leopard chief thought he could be indifferent, but when seeing the very woman whom he’s shared a bed with for all these years go like this, he just couldn’t bear being so heartless. Emotions converged like a tidal wave that brought him to the brink of tears.

Even so, despite his wish to do something – which was already too late – the leopard chief also knows the peaceful life he and his tribesmen are enjoying now are all thanks to the demon king and his followers. A choice between his own wife or the entire tribe’s well fair, Mu Yu Tian knows he has no choice in the matter.

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“King, Queen, is there anything else you need of me?”

Turning to the person, Di Cang’s reply was frosty and hard: “I want your daughter Mu Xue here before me, go find her.”

A slight tremble shook the chief’s body, but he kept his head down and complied nevertheless: “Yes Sire, I will go find that unfilial daughter of mine!”

“Then go.”

With the go ahead, the chief arched his fist and left without complaint.

Easing up along the face again, Di Cang returns his attention back to his wife: “Yan Yan, I will definitely find that Mu Xue and give you a proper answer!”

The promise was not only to his wife, but also to himself. Seriously, he doesn’t know what sort of sin he committed in the previous life, but he hates the fact that there are so many out there trying to tear his life away from Bai Yan. Now others are also framing him of adultery! Fortunately Bai Yan believes him, otherwise he would be crying right now and screaming.

“Mama.” Di Ling Yan suddenly breaks free of Bai Xiachen’s arm and sped over to Bai Yan’s side, a whole world apart from her previous way of walking. “Hold, hold, I want carry.”

Without denying her daughter’s demand, Bai Yan happily bent down and lifted the peachy baby up from the ground.

“I love you the most Mama.” Giggling with glee, Di Ling Yan’s untainted voice was like a breath of fresh air along this garden. It’s crisp and pleasant to the ear, a stark contrast to the dead body currently lying not far away from the group.

“Then Ling Yan, what about papa here?” Di Cang asks with a huge smile of his own.

Back when they were staying at the Sky Mountain for the first year of the twin’s life, it was this demon king who mostly took care of the children’s daily necessity. What bothers him was the fact that the kids still preferred his wife over himself, that’s something he couldn’t figure out why.


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