Adorable Treasured Fox: Divine Doctor Mother Overturning The Heavens!
Chapter 1356 “Protect the Princess for a Lifetime 3 ”
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Adorable Treasured Fox: Divine Doctor Mother Overturning The Heavens!
Author :Xiao Qi Ye
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Chapter 1356 “Protect the Princess for a Lifetime 3 ”

Chapter 1356 “Protect the Princess for a Lifetime (3)”

“First Elder, go bring me that leopard tribe’s chief, I also want that so-called Mu Xue brought before me.”

“Yes, Queen.” Without delay, the old senior respectfully complied and retreated for his mission.

Due to the short distance between the city and the tribe’s settlement, it didn’t take long for the elder to return. It’s just that instead of bringing two others with him, First Elder only had the chief behind himself and no Mu Xue among their group.

“Queen, I’ve brought the leopard chief as you instructed. I’ve also sent my people to go search for Mu Xue because she wasn’t at the settlement. She wouldn’t make it far since I’ve closed off the city gates.”

Bai Yan nodded in understanding. Then before she could utter a word to say a job well done, the loud screech of Yu Yao interrupts again.

“Yu Tian, hurry and save me, I don’t want to die! I don’t want to die!”

Mu Yu Tian appeared livid over his wife’s outcry. He’s already heard the full story while coming here so any will to help was lost to the wind at this point. Seriously, it’s bad enough to scold the royal family’s children, but to push their eldest daughter to death as a scapegoat? Just thinking of that idea brought chills to this leopard chief’s spine. He’s been sleeping with such a vile woman, how could he not?

Inhaling deeply, Mu Yu Tian takes to the knee without ever looking to his wife’s way: “King, Queen, I have already heard the full story from First Elder, I won’t have any objections if you wish to deal with her as you please.”

Yu Yao was shocked by her husband’s statement. She thought no matter what the man would try to save her at all costs, instead he gave her up so readily!

“Did you forget your vow to me Yu Tian! You said you will love me for the rest of my life, why are you abandoning me now? Why?” The old hag shrieked, the pain in her arm causing that face to distort into an ugly mask.

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Smiling bitterly as he faced the woman: “You are asking me why? Did you forget how you’ve treated Ying’er all along? I thought you are only bias to Xue’er because she’s the youngest, but to think you would try to push our eldest daughter into the burning ember, I can’t believe you! Now you actually have the audacity to offend the royal family and drag the entire tribe down with you as a gambling chip!” After saying that, the chief had to take in a huge deep breath in order to keep himself in check, otherwise he might just run over there and strangle his own wife.

Yu Yao once again collapsed after being scolded by her own husband. Clenching that fist, this old hag was in absolute despair now that her last hope was crushed.

Perhaps it’s the bond of being husband and wife for so many years, but Mu Yu Tian did end up making a pained face once he heard that thud of her falling. Turning around again with frustration: “King, Queen, I know I am in no position to ask for anything, but…. can you give her a swift death when doing so?”

Bai Yan Looked at the leopard chief and said nothing else, neither agreeing or denying with her action. However, her next maneuver told everyone it’s not going to end well.

Seeing the demon queen coming closer and closer towards herself, Yu Yao could no longer keep her body steady and crawled against the wall. “I can give you a swift death, but you scold my son and abused my daughter, for that, I will cut off your tongue first as punishment.”

She couldn’t even bear to scold them herself so how could she allow others to discipline them in her place? For that reason alone, Bai Yan’s going to dish out some notable punishment so others in the future wouldn’t even think about going down that path.


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