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Adorable Treasured Fox: Divine Doctor Mother Overturning The Heavens!
Author :Xiao Qi Ye
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Chapter 1350 “Asking for Death 1 ”

Chapter 1350 “Asking for Death (1)”

“Are you mistaken? There’s no demonic energy coming off of this child, he’s…. how could he be the first prince?”

Yuan Po didn’t give a direct answer to the woman’s question, instead he wiped the sweat off his forehead before looking up at the annoyed boy. When he saw that displeasured face, the captain immediately tensed up and shot an angry glare over to Yu Yao.

“How can we not know our own prince? Rather it’s you, how dare you vilify His Highness and frame the prince!”


The last string inside the old hag’s mind finally broke apart, leaving her in a blank state of disrepair.

How could he be the first prince, how could he…

The little guy is clearly a wild child from the outside.

“Someone come, take this woman away!” Yuan Po face was cold and hard when shouting this order.

“Hold it!”

Yuan Po hurriedly swung his head around: “Is there any other order you wish of me Your Highness?”

In light of being so small and young, Bai Xiachen’s dominating aura was already starting to show on this occasion.

“You just said my father wants to take in a consort, that you are my father’s mother-in-law. What does that make my grandmother then?”

A gust of wind swept through, causing Yu Yao to shudder profusely like a chill ran through her back. In her desperation, this despicable mother actually had the nerve to turn towards Mu Ying, the very girl this old hag tried to frame as a criminal!

Thankfully, the eldest daughter of the leopard tribe had enough sense not to make eye contact. After all she’s not only gone through various maltreatment at the hands of her own mother, she’s now also being plotted against by her own family! The consequences are death by execution, that’s beyond the level of being bias anymore!

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Yuan Po and the others were stunned by that comment of course. Some time ago it was widely known that the king wanted to take in a consort, they’re aware of this rumor. However, that idea has been shut down the day First Elder came out of his closed-door training period. Of course, many still believes that to be the case inwardly but would never say it aloud.

Now where’s the issue here….

Well, a consort was nothing more than a concubine, how could a concubine’s mother be Di Cang’s mother-in-law? That’s unheard of in their society!

“I want a consort?” A cold and gloomy voice suddenly reached out from the rear like a claw choking their throats.

Yu Yao felt the dread seeping right into her heart at this moment because she recognized who it was. There’s infinite terror circulating across her veins right now.

“Mother.” Seeing who has arrived, Di Ling Yan didn’t hesitate and threw herself into those outstretched arms that caught this peachy girl in the nick of time. “Hold, hold.”

Di Cang had no comment for the playfulness of his daughter’s behavior, but he did want to get to the bottom of this matter: “Who will explain to me what’s going on? What is this I’m hearing about me taking a consort? When did I say such a thing, and how come I didn’t know?”

First Elder who was right behind the demon king almost wanted to throw himself into a hole and hide there in this moment. He couldn’t believe this. Only a little while ago and he was still keeping the rumor under wraps, and now it’s come back and smashed him in the face.

It’s over, everything is over. The king knows and I’m going to be a thrown into the boiling pot!

“First Elder.” Di Cang’s gloomy call to the senior instantly made the elder come back to attention.


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