Adorable Treasured Fox: Divine Doctor Mother Overturning The Heavens!
Chapter 1347 “Call Xiachen A Bastard Child 3 ”
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Adorable Treasured Fox: Divine Doctor Mother Overturning The Heavens!
Author :Xiao Qi Ye
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Chapter 1347 “Call Xiachen A Bastard Child 3 ”

Chapter 1347 “Call Xiachen A Bastard Child (3)”

This person was a beautiful and young-looking girl that appeared to be just of the adult age, however, Bai Xiachen wasn’t so ignorant to believe the other person really was that young. He could tell by her strength especially, she’s strong and that meant she’s been around for quite some time already.

Then right as the boy wanted to give thanks for saving his little sister, a high pitched screech interrupted him. Its uncomfortable to the ear and that made him turn for the source while frowning.

“Mu Ying, you are quite bold, how dare you push the princess down the pond! I’m going to report this to the king and have him punish you!” Coming over was none other than Yu Yao, the overly jealous mother of the leopard girls. She’s extremely gorgeous looking in her makeup and trinkets, but the mean expression ruined everything about her atmosphere.

“What are you talking about?” Mu Ying’s face instantly changed for the worse, “Mother, I only saw the princess falling into the water, that’s why I fished her up.”

That defense only made Yu Yao hate her own daughter even more. She simply doesn’t understand why her eldest could win Ling Yan’s favor to the point where the other maids and guards were shooed away. But it didn’t matter to her anymore, this was the opening she needs to destroy that bond and clean things up for Mu Xue.

Although Ling Yan herself didn’t know what Yu Yao meant by being pushed, but it doesn’t stop the baby girl from speaking up to help her own maid: “But Old Granny, no one pushed me, I slipped and fell by myself.”

Besides, she’s not afraid of water to begin with.

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Old granny?

Yu Yao’s complexion instantly turned white, I’m very old? Does this princess not know what manners is? I knew it, only a half breed will say something so rude! No education at all!

Making a dry laugh to continue the conversation: “Little Princess, you are still a child so how can you recognize the darkness in people? This Mu Ying is not a good thing, she deliberately pushed you into the water just so she can save you. This way you will be grateful to her and listen to her whims. Now listen to me, I won’t hurt you.” That said, Yu Yao then began to reach out with her filthy hands at the baby girl.

“What are you trying to do?” Boiling with rage in the chest, Bai Xiachen snaps at the old hag with his harsh voice: “I dare you to lay a finger on her!”

Freezing up in her gesture, Yu Yao finally takes notice of the boy whom she’s been ignoring until now. Where did this unknown child come from? The palace is not a place for some random kid to stroll into, where is your guardian that let you in here?”

Though the vile old hag did find the steambun’s face to be vaguely familiar to the eye, she didn’t care and didn’t want to dwell on the matter. In her mind, she only wants to remove this obstacle and get on with her plan.

“Big Brother.” Lighting up in the eye after popping her little head out from Mu Ying’s leg, Di Ling Yan didn’t wait and hurried to toddle for the boy’s spot.

Once again, Bai Xiachen was scared out of his wits after seeing how clumsily his little sister was walking. Heck, it looked like the girl’s going to fall at any moment in how unsteady she was.

“Run slowly, don’t fall okay….” He says with intense nervousness.


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