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Adorable Treasured Fox: Divine Doctor Mother Overturning The Heavens!
Author :Xiao Qi Ye
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Chapter 1344 “Bai Yan’s Return 5 ”

Chapter 1344 “Bai Yan’s Return (5)”

Bai Yan now got it and everything made sense now. Looks like I really do have some sort of tie to the Celestial Palace, and this old mand didn’t recognize me incorrectly.

“I know you!” The old coot suddenly jumped his feet in anger while pointing at First Elder, “You are one of the little bastard’s people who tried to kidnap my sweet granddaughter! Is it him who kidnapped my granddaughter all this time? Is the little bastard here somewhere?”

Instinctively, First Elder casts a sideway glance to Di Cang using the corner of his eye. The guy you’re talking about is standing right there talking to you is he not? Really, did he really lose his mind or is he acting?

Di Cang on the other hand had gone black in the face due to this sudden twist of event, Yan’er is his granddaughter?

“Boy, you are the best.” Though the old coot appeared livid across the face, his expression somehow manages to instantly change to a friendly version once turned to Di Cang: “Unlike that little bastard who tried to kidnap my precious granddaughter, you didn’t do anything bad! But why do I keep thinking I know you from somewhere. Do we know each other?”

Di Cang looks like he wanted to faint and muttered to no one specific: “I am good?”

“You beat those crazies, that makes you a good person!”

Going white this time, Di Cang’s expression was a real sight to behold since its coming from him. Because I beat those people from the Celestial Palace that I’m good? He also wants to betroth his granddaughter to me? Does that mean he will also betroth Yan Yan to others as well if they beat the Celestial Palace?

“Then do you remember who the little bastard is and how he looks?” That said, Di Cang smirks and casts a sideway glance to First Elder who was trying to keep his head low.

It doesn’t take much for this demon king to connect the dots. Who else in this world could command that old bone to do something, that’s obvious: himself!

“How can I remember what he looks like?” The old coot scratches his head with confusion apparent in his eyes.

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It’s exactly like the former Keeper says, he doesn’t remember its Di Cang who was standing before himself. Aside from the fact that he caught his beautiful granddaughter making out with the little bastard in her room, and that he grabbed a broom and drove the guy away afterwards, he couldn’t recall anything from the past.

“But that little bastard must be ugly, unlike you young man who is quite handsome.” Grinning goofily while saying that, the old coot found Di Cang’s face to be very pleasant to look at, especially when he remembers who the man beat those Keepers back.

First Elder could already feel the frightening aura coming out of his liege’s body after that last comment. However, before the old fella could intervene and remind the man of the importance of this old coot, that murderous aura suddenly just dissipated from out of the blue.

“Grandpapa really have good eyesight,” Di Cang unexpectedly throws this out there.

Meanwhile on the side, it was Bai Yan’s turn to go black in the face. Di Cang sure knows how to address someone…

Seemingly pleased and elated by that, the old coot actually breaks out into a happy dance: “Good, very good! This… forgive your grandpapa here for not bringing a gift for our first meeting, next time I’ll be sure to bring you something nice, okay?”

“No need, Yan Yan here is already the best gift you can give me. Without you, there wouldn’t be her.”

Bai Yan’s mouth actually started to twitch after that final comment from her husband, When did Di Cang learn to say such sweet glossy words? How come I didn’t know?


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