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Adorable Treasured Fox: Divine Doctor Mother Overturning The Heavens!
Author :Xiao Qi Ye
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Chapter 1342 “Bai Yan’s Return 3 ”

Chapter 1342 “Bai Yan’s Return (3)”

Keeper Zun naturally felt reluctant over the idea of leaving one of their own behind, after all, even a pet would become an important soul if long enough time was spent together. Not to mention Keeper Hyun has been with them for many hundreds of years already. However, this senior also knew he must, not for the sake of himself, but for the survival of those at the palace still. In the end, he could do nothing but follow in Keeper Ling’s trail who had left first.

“Hahaha!” Keepr Hyun breaks out into an arrogant laugh as if to bolster his own tempo once his companions are gone, “Demon King, I may not be able to overcome you by myself, but even if I die today, I will still drag some of you with me!”


After he dropped in this remark, the momentum around the old elder’s body grew increasingly more violent and caused the clouds above their head to swirl around like a cyclone.

“Self-explosion?” Di Cang smirked with disdain at what the foe was trying to do.

Indeed, the act of self-exploding from a Demi Divine Lord would create serious damage to the weaker ones beneath their battlefield. For the powerless ones, they would even die from the shockwave.

In an instant, Keeper Hyun’s body had ballooned up, a sure sign he’s about to blow.

“Xiachen!!” Bai Yan’s complexion went white at the sight. Hurrying to pull her son into her arms, the woman wanted to protect the steambun with everything she’s got.

Sure, she does believe in her husband’s strength and his ability to protect them, but that doesn’t mean she won’t take precautions in case something unexpected occurs.

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Di Cang on the other hand wasn’t fretting like everyone else in the vicinity. He’s also mustering up his powers, but it’s to cover the entire area around Keeper Hyun’s body. Next thing the elder knew was that his suicidal attempt at wreaking havoc has come to a standstill. He’s stopped ballooning up….

This…… what’s going on here? Why is the energy within my body fading away?

Keeper Hyun stares out in horror, “You… what did you do to me?”

Perhaps its due to fear or just the knowledge of his own failure, but the old balloon actually started to shake and tremble.

Am I really going to die for nothing? I can’t even take some of the demons with me!

“You want to blow yourself up? Did you think to ask me first if I will allow it?” Slowly walking forward with smirking contempt, Di Cang was intimidating and threatening in his menacing appearance: “Originally I would’ve had to spend some time dealing with you, but if you’re asking to die by self-exploding then I have no reason to not take advantage of your idiocy.”

Gulping hard: “You… how did you interfere with my move?”

“Isn’t that obvious?” Di Cang sneered, “As long as I control your Dantian then you won’t be able to explode, would you? Right now all you cared about is finishing your suicidal maneuver and ignored your own defenses, that left you wide open for me to control your inner core!”

Due to the interference there, Keeper Hyun’s body had stopped bloating up, however, he also didn’t deflate, thus leaving him in an awkward and unmovable state.


Not to waste time on this garbage, Di Cang raises a finger and shot a beam from the tip. Immediately to the naked eye, everyone could see that balloon gradually deflating onto the ground until he’s become a flat paper shape.


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