Adorable Treasured Fox: Divine Doctor Mother Overturning The Heavens!
Chapter 1332 “Aiming at Di Ling Yan? 1 ”
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Adorable Treasured Fox: Divine Doctor Mother Overturning The Heavens!
Author :Xiao Qi Ye
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Chapter 1332 “Aiming at Di Ling Yan? 1 ”

Chapter 1332 “Aiming at Di Ling Yan? (1)”

No matter where this man appears, he’s destined to be the focus of attention in a party. He’s simply too eye-catching to the point where Keeper Ling and the others couldn’t ignore, that’s Di Cang, the demon king and ruler of the demon kind.

“You looking for me?” The man asks with an almost playful note in his voice.

“Di Cang!” Keeper Ling quickly calms himself and gathered the wits to confront the foe.

There’s viciousness brewing within those eyes because he would never forget the time where they wanted to burn Bai Yan at the altar. It was this very man, the very same Di Cang who broke into the Celestial Palace and saved the woman by decimated thousands in his wake. It was a bloodbath, a total bloodbath that would bring nightmares to his dreams even to this day. And back then they still had the support of Chu Yi God, but now….

“Demon King, you invited us here and we have answered that request, now explain your purpose! I don’t believe it’s just to reminiscent about the past by asking us to come.” Keeper Zun the kindest of the three asks with clenched fists. He’s equally as tense and rightfully so.

Showing a surprised face in return, Di Cang almost seems shocked there: “I invited you to come here, how come I didn’t know?”

The look on his expression didn’t seem fake so it instantly left the three seniors gawking their eyes out.

Di Cang didn’t invite us? Then who could it be?

Pleased by the expressions he got from the three, Di Cang silently smirked in success and threw out the bomb that he’s been saving: “I never invited you, I only notified you.”

Inviting someone and being notified are two very different concepts. The former could be declined, while the latter couldn’t!

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“You…” Keeper Ling’s face was already very ugly to begin with, now he’s practically steaming.

This bastard dare to humiliate us!

“Wait!” Keeper Zun raises an arm to stop his peer from attacking, “Demon King, we have come because we have business to discuss with you.”

Chuckling menacingly, Di Cang didn’t give a clear answer, only staring coldly at the old elder who finally decides to get down to the main business.

“A thousand years ago, someone once told us that the great calamity is coming. Whether it be the Demon Realm or Celestial Realm, all will suffer and face destruction! And the only way to save everyone is Ruo Xi. Unfortunately the girl suffered a grave injury in order to save your wife back then. She’s still not healed due that incident.”

Now getting dark in the eyes at the mention of his wife, Di Cang’s tone also got colder: “And what does that have to do with me or her?”

“She saved your wife, shouldn’t you hold some responsibility for her misdeed?!” Growling in his voice now, Keeper Ling could spew fire from his mouth if he had that capability: “Only a stupid person like Bai Yan would marry you. Back then hordes of demonic beasts attacked her and tried to kill her, it was Ruo Xi who risked her own life in order to save that ungrateful lass! Now you are ignoring your duties and trying to shirk off the responsibility, how low can you animals get?!”

“Bullshit!” First Elder could no longer hold back and cried out that curse after hearing what they had to say.


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