Adorable Treasured Fox: Divine Doctor Mother Overturning The Heavens!
Chapter 1324 “The Death of Demi Divine Lord 4 ”
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Adorable Treasured Fox: Divine Doctor Mother Overturning The Heavens!
Author :Xiao Qi Ye
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Chapter 1324 “The Death of Demi Divine Lord 4 ”

Chapter 1324 “The Death of Demi Divine Lord (4)”

“Good granddaughter, drink this, be good.”

Staring at the presented object, Bai Yan asks with a hint of worry: “This is?”

Sparking in those old eyes: “It’s something you gave me before, did you forget?”

“Are you sure you didn’t recognize the wrong person?” She asks with pricked eyebrows.

Bai Yan could tell First Elder and State Teacher both knew the ins and outs from a thousand years ago, but never once did she hear about this grandfather from the Celestial Palace. For that reasoning, she’s guessing this old man likely got the wrong person.

“You are my granddaughter, I won’t recognize the wrong person! Bai Bai, quick, drink this, it will make your body better again. This is what you gave me back then, I only kept it because I couldn’t bear to drink it myself.” After saying that, the old coot once again offers it up with hope in his face like it would crush him if she refused.

Seeing this, not even Bai Yan could reject the offer knowing what’s at stake. Though it still worries her on the unknown content, she just didn’t have the heart to hurt this old man. Taking it, she slowly pops the cork and took a whiff of the content. Immediately, a powerful fragrance hits her nose and sends her body feeling refreshed.

“This is…” With surprise across the face, the lady almost couldn’t believe what she’s holding.

Scratching that bird nest hair of his: “I don’t know what this is either, it’s you who gave it to me back then. I saved it because I felt reluctant to waste it.” That said, he then urges her to hurry and drink it.

Without hesitation this time, Bai Yan swallowed the entire milky liquid in one full swing. She could tell its something amazing and she’s right. Almost instantly, that stiff and unmovable body felt better and those paralyzed limbs of hers began to move again.

“Bellstone Milk?” This is Bellstone Milk!”

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Bellstone Milk, a miraculous liquid capable of strengthening an ordinary person’s body and enhancing their recovery ability instantly. For this occasion though where Bai Yan was suffering the aftereffects of a forbidden drug, she couldn’t completely recover just yet. Nevertheless, it would just be a matter of time before she does so thanks to this amazing concoction.

“Thank you…”

Giggling with glee in those eyes, the old coot felt incredibly happy right now: “You are my good granddaughter, my favorite granddaughter, of course I will give you everything I have now that you’re back.”

Against this warm reception, Bai Yan really felt guilty inside. Sighing: “I’m sorry, but I really am not your granddaughter.”

“No, you are Bai Bai, my granddaughter, I would never recognize the wrong person!” Now getting a bit hysterical in his tone, the old man refuses to listen and grasped onto the lady’s shoulder, those eyes firm and unyielding.

Knowing it’s pointless to argue on the topic, Bai Yan figured the best option would be to return to the city first and ask those who are more informative. Perhaps this old coot was right and she really was his granddaughter; after all, its like she had any reason to refute the claim either.

“Granddaughter…” Seeing the girl had gone quiet, the old man started getting all anxious and pitiful in the voice: “I really didn’t recognize the wrong person, please don’t leave me okay?”

“Don’t worry Grandpapa, I won’t leave you again…” In the end Bai Yan could only play along against those puppy eyes. It’s not like she’s going to lose a chunk of herself for acting as his family.

Turning that sad face into a happy one again like a mask change: “Good Granddaughter, I won’t let those bad people hurt you again, I will definitely protect you….”


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