Adorable Treasured Fox: Divine Doctor Mother Overturning The Heavens!
Chapter 1312 “Di Cang’s Provocation 5 ”
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Adorable Treasured Fox: Divine Doctor Mother Overturning The Heavens!
Author :Xiao Qi Ye
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Chapter 1312 “Di Cang’s Provocation 5 ”

Chapter 1312 “Di Cang’s Provocation (5)”

“Mistress said there’s likely a barrier around here, otherwise the Celestial Palace wouldn’t dare to let their disciples come here to train.” Blinking his tiger eyes after saying that, Little Rice then falls in a contemplative expression: “But… I think I have a way to get in.”


Celestial Palace.

A series of hurried running footsteps quickly shattered the quiet here.

“Respected Keepers, something big has happened!” A guard barges through the doorway and enters the gathering hall, which made the gathered seniors here frown at the intrusion.

“What happened to make you come in such a rush?” A yellow robed Keeper asks with an unhappy voice.

“It’s… It’s about the area where the most talented disciples are training in, they’ve been attacked by a white tiger and green dragon! The strength of both demons are at the High Divine! If something isn’t done right away, I fear it will be too late!”


The faces of these people all changed greatly over the horrible news.

Green dragon and white tiger? Aren’t those the Demon Generals? Why are they still alive in this world?

The yellow robed Keeper clenches his teeth and fought to press down his anger: “Are you sure those two are what you described?”

“Yes, please make your decision respected Keepers. If we wait any longer, then those talented disciples might be completely wiped out at this rate!”

But the bad news doesn’t stop coming. Before these seniors could comment or come to a decision, another guard of this place had come running in to report. “Respected Keepers! The back mountain’s herb garden has been destroyed by someone!”

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Their expressions were already ugly to begin with, now it only got worse and became drearily dark and dangerous.

Those demons got some nerve! Do they think just because we accepted the demon king’s invitation that we don’t have anyone left in the Celestial Palace?

The yellow robed Keeper continues to ask for more info while struggling to keep himself from snapping: “Who did it? Is it the demons who destroyed the herb garden in the back mountain?”

The guard meekly replied: “Uuuh, it’s a child that looks to be about seven or eight. He’s not incredibly strong, but that child is surrounded by demonic beasts. Among the pack is one that’s at the High Divine level! Keepers, should we send people of similar strength to go capture those intruders?”

Turning to his peers, the yellow robed Keeper didn’t speak right away this time. Instead, he’s thinking up a plan on the best course of action.

“Everyone, right now the Celestial Palace only has us left here. It used to be that old coot who is the strongest among us, followed by Keeper Ling and Keeper Zun, but all three are unavailable to help in this case. Keeper Fire, Keeper Rock, the two of you will take that white tiger and green dragon. Though both of them were only at the peak of the High Divine in the past, but it’s been many years since then, we don’t know how powerful they truly are. For insurance sake, both of you need to take absolute precaution and not underestimate them!” That said, he then turns to the remaining people in the hall. “As for the intruders in the back mountain, I, Keeper Sky and Keeper Wu, the three of us will go handle that boy and his pack of monsters. I speculate the child is likely the demon king’s child, the current prince. If we capture him then it will be a great card for us to use in our upcoming plan.”


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