Adorable Treasured Fox: Divine Doctor Mother Overturning The Heavens!
Chapter 1307 “The Adorable Di Ling Yan 5 ”
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Adorable Treasured Fox: Divine Doctor Mother Overturning The Heavens!
Author :Xiao Qi Ye
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Chapter 1307 “The Adorable Di Ling Yan 5 ”

Chapter 1307 “The Adorable Di Ling Yan (5)”

Jin Tian blinked and blinked as he spoke: “Ling Yan, she has bumpy on her body, does that mean she’s one of those bad people mentioned by Big Brother?”

Giving a serious look over Mu Ying the older sister, the little peachy princess shook her own head: “She did not get close to Papa so she’s not a bad person. Big Brother said, do not let those bad people get close to Father, otherwise Mother will be angry.”

For the little peachy thing, those who provoke or anger her mother are all bad people! Therefore, while they are alone here, she must listen to Bai Xiachen’s words of keeping the female gender away from Di Cang.

“Oh.” Nodding like he understands, Jin Tian the little glutton didn’t have any objection to the logic.

Papa always said Ling Yan is cleverer so she shouldn’t be wrong.

It’s then a low growling voice came from the tiny boy’s stomach. Without delay, the little glutton reverts back to his silvery fox appearance and lying there on the ground.

This sudden change instantly sent Mu Ying into an alarmed state of course. She didn’t know what’s going on or if she would be blamed for all this, which only made her face white and fearful.

“Don’t be afraid, my second brother is always like this. Whenever he gets hungry, he will revert back to his fox form like this.” Smiling brightly without any hint of ulterior motive, Ling Yan had the look of the perfect little girl.

Sighing in relief that it’s not her own fault: “Then please follow me Your Highnesses, I will guide you two to the dining room.”

Grabbing the tail end of her brother, Di Ling Yan happily toddled behind her new maid. Perhaps it’s the thought of immediate food being on the table, but her eyes are also showing more interest than before.

Mu Xue on the other hand was seething with jealousy at this moment after being left behind. Hmph, what a hypocrite! Say you don’t have feelings for the king? Then why are you trying to please the two highness? Damn bitch, just you wait. With average looks like yours, the king will never like you!

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After that resentful thought, this spiteful girl then narrowed her eyes down into a glare towards where the princess was leaving, If the little princess is this cute then that means the queen can’t be too far off. Compared to myself, which of us is going to be on top…. What am I thinking? The king is that handsome, the gene must be from the king himself! There’s no way that human woman can be anything more than average, just like that blasted Mu Ying!

Thinking up to here, this resentful and overly confident wench that was Mu Xue has gained a new light in those eyes. She’s firmer than ever and was determined to win over Di Cang.

Sooner or later that man is going to be mine, and everything that he controls will also be mine to wield!

In her view, whether it be Bai Yan, Mu Ying or the royal family, they’re all her stepping stones to greatness. Heck, Di Cang was also a stepping stone, just that she doesn’t realizes it yet. After she’s squeezed the use out of everyone new her, she would readily toss them aside and move on.

Giving one final glance at the peachy princess’s departing back, Mu Xue huffs a snort and turned away like a proud peacock. Maybe it’s because she’s been so obsessed with her own thoughts lately, or she’s just that oblivious when the vile and jealous side comes out, but everything she did just now was under the careful scrutiny of those guards picked out by First Elder today. They all saw her behavior and was contemplating on how to report this to their liege.


Study room of the palace.

Due to how oppressive the atmosphere was in this room, First Elder had started to act all uncomfortable and shaky. Did the king hear already? Did he find out about the rumors? But this isn’t right either. If he knows then he would’ve exposed the whole thing before everyone, why bring me to the study?


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