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Adorable Treasured Fox: Divine Doctor Mother Overturning The Heavens!
Author :Xiao Qi Ye
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Chapter 1284 “Blood for Blood 4 ”

Chapter 1284 “Blood for Blood (4)”

After entering the barrier and walking some more, Bai Yan suddenly halts in her footsteps after finding what she wanted. Up ahead were a bunch of animals, and in the middle was a white female fox acting as a bed for two adorable little babies who were constantly giggling and waving their hands into the air. It’s obvious the two were enjoying their time right now and weren’t in any danger.

“How did Jin Tian (boy) and Ling Yan (girl) get here? And how did Xiachen find this place?” Bai Yan asks with a surprised face which got a long squeak from the fox again.

“You mean its these animals who brought and hid them here?” She could mostly make out the meaning there based on the nods given by her little friend.

It does make sense though. The outside was icy cold and unsafe for a newborn, making this cave an ideal hiding spot if there’s some kind of warmth to keep the babies away from the frostbiting temperature. Specifically, the mother fox that’s currently using its body as a bed for the two babies.

“Yan’er, you’re tired, give him to me and I’ll carry him.” Seeing there’s no ulterior motive here, Di Cang decides to step in and offer to take care of their son who was still unconscious and clearly a weight on his wife who hasn’t recovered yet.

“No,” her arm grows even tighter around the boy over that suggestion, “I want to hold Xiachen a bit longer. Once I start my training later then I won’t have much time to spend with him.”

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The energy particles within this cave was even more dense than the area outside, making it an ideal place to further her own strength and make a breakthrough!

This time I won’t leave here until I reach the High Divine!

Di Cang could tell there’s no persuading his wife at this point now that she’s decided on the matter. Turning to the two babies instead who are still playing with the animals: “Yan’er, it’s been hard on you.”

It’s always like this. Whenever she gives birth I can never be there by her side, I fail as a husband….

Bai Yan shakes her head: “No Di Cang, it’s nothing I can’t handle. Anyways, our daughter’s name is Di Ling Yan, and our son’s name is Di Jin Tian.”

Likely able to understand their mother was calling their name, the two adorable little meatbuns actually began to wiggle around mischievously and causes their bed to go on alert. The white fox knew she had to keep the babies atop of herself to keep them warm, but she honestly never thought both babies would try to wiggle onto the ground at the same time. As a result, the fox only manages to catch the girl and missed the boy entirely who landed on the ground.

Oddly enough, Di Jin Tian didn’t get hurt like one would expect in this case, instead he merely transformed into a tiny little silver fox upon hitting the dirt. And as if to shake off the confusion from the little bump, he starts crawling in Bai Yan’s direction.

“Mother, Mother…. Hug….”

Because she had prior experience in giving birth, Bai Yan didn’t find it surprising her two newborns are also able to speak like her first.

Squatting down: “Mother needs to hold onto your older brother right now so I can’t give you a hug, you have to be considerate of him, okay?”

What is considerate?

Without surprise, the little Jin Tian didn’t comply and only showed a confused and dazed look like he didn’t get it at all. In the baby boy’s mind, he only wants to hug his mother. So, like any newborn would do, he puckers up his lips like he’s about to cry and then turned to the next best thing nearby – his own father who was also staring down at him.

As a father, Di Cang also likes to hold his children but never really got the chance since he was not there for the firstborn. Now that the second son was looking his way and likely willing to accept him, how could he not be overjoyed? Unfortunately for him though, the great demon king was overthinking this when he reached down in an attempt to lift the baby up.

“Mother, hug, hug….” Di Jin Tian turns back to Bai Yan in light of the offering hand and instead reached out with both paws for the woman.

“Yan’er, he’s a man, let him crawl on his own.” Di Cang sourly says this with steam puffing out of his head.

He’s calling a newborn baby a man? Which part of Jin Tian looks like a man? Bai Yan thought, her mouth twitching awkwardly from disbelief.

Unable to resist the plea anymore, Bai Yan loosens one of her arms around Bai Xiachen to pick the tiny fella up from the floor for a snuggle. Though it’s more difficult to keep two kids on herself, she’s nevertheless enjoying it all the more.


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