Adorable Treasured Fox: Divine Doctor Mother Overturning The Heavens!
Chapter 1263 “The Queen Ran Away Again! 3 ”
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Adorable Treasured Fox: Divine Doctor Mother Overturning The Heavens!
Author :Xiao Qi Ye
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Chapter 1263 “The Queen Ran Away Again! 3 ”

Chapter 1263 “The Queen Ran Away Again! (3)”

Mu Ying was left speechless and stunned over her own mother’s irate face. It’s painful and hurtful for the girl like someone just yanked at her heart and threw it away.

This is my mother!

Does she think I voluntarily locked myself up in the mountains? Does she think I wanted to leave them? How can a parent make such a request of their own child?

This sort of maltreatment was honestly not what Mu Ying expected. Just because she herself didn’t get to grow up with the family, she’s now an outsider….

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“Alright, I won’t tell Father so you two can stop fretting, but I won’t help her either. I’m afraid of dying so asking me to die for her is out of the question.” Disheartened inside, Mu Ying didn’t have the energy left to speak to these two.

Yu Yao may not favor her eldest daughter, but the motherly instinct was still there. Sadly, once the woman saw the cold hard stare from Mu Ying, she immediately retracted any sentiment of feeling guilty.

“Mu Ying, I don’t believe what you say about not having thoughts about the king. I’m telling you, the position as queen is your little sister’s, you mustn’t fight her for it!”

That only made the girl even more disappointed.

“Whatever you want, just don’t blame me and say I didn’t warn you beforehand. There’s a good chance you two will die for this.” That said, she gave one final glance at her sister and mother like it’s some sort of farewell to their familiar bonds. She’s done with them and only wants to return to the mountain.

“Mother!” Mu Xue felt aggrieved over the rejection and started to whine again.

“Don’t worry sweetie, I will go talk to your father and have him bring you into the palace. But remember, don’t let him know about what we’re planning. With his old fashion nature, he will surely object to the idea and remove you from the roster.”

Still sulky in the face, Mu Xue bites her lip: “What if Mu Ying tells Father?”

“Her? The fact that she promised us means she won’t rat us out! Don’t take her too seriously, and when you do become the queen, won’t she have to kneel before your feet? When that time comes you can humiliate her all you like!” This time Yu Yao’s voice was very cold like the girl was no longer her daughter at all.

At the mention of being the queen, Mu Xue’s heart definitely felt relieved because the desire and greed for the crown overcame all her own hears. Imagine, a tiara on her own head and the groveling picture of thousands of demons before her eye, what a glorious picture that would be!

“I won’t let you down Mother, one day I will become the noblest of all woman in this world!”

At first her goal was only to become a concubine of Di Cang’s, but clearly this girl has no bounds or qualms about anything.

Yu Yao felt proud after hearing that blasted remark worthy of execution. In this mother’s mind, her youngest daughter could do anything, blind confidence being the worse type of poison for a ignorant mother.

“Go clean yourself up now, I’ll go find your father and organize the matter of bringing you into the palace.” Patting her daughter’s head, the woman’s attitude was too polarizing to say she’s right in the head.


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