Adorable Treasured Fox: Divine Doctor Mother Overturning The Heavens!
Chapter 1226 “Ning Yu’s Despair 8 ”
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Adorable Treasured Fox: Divine Doctor Mother Overturning The Heavens!
Author :Xiao Qi Ye
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Chapter 1226 “Ning Yu’s Despair 8 ”

Chapter 1226 “Ning Yu’s Despair (8)”

On this day, Ning Yu seems to have matured a lot due to everything; however, there are no smiles left on her face, there’s only hatred.

“Humans…. such a confusing race.” Shaking his head after muttering that to himself, Dragon Flame returns his gaze to the Keeper who’s still looking down from above: “Old fart, don’t get so arrogant in front me. If I still had my previous strength then you wouldn’t stand a fiddle in front of my eye.”

“Humph!” Keeper Ling huffs a snort, “Blind and arrogant, what a hopeless creature you are. Nothing but a grain of rice, you will never compare to the sun in the sky like I!”

Unfazed by the putdown, the old goat scoffs a sneer of his own: “How can the people of this age be this arrogant? In our time, no one would even dare to rant in front of me, the great Dragon God!”

Likely annoyed now, Keeper Ling narrows his eyes in and released his aura out like a field, covering the entire field in a visible force. It’s crushing for the old goat in his weakened state. However, as someone so proud and old as he, Dragon Flame would never allow his dignity to be tarnished like this and refused to bow down despite those legs shaking nonstop from the pressure.

Against this struggling picture, Keeper Ling’s smirk only grew wider and goaded him to increase that pressure.

“Arggghhhhhh!!!” Issuing out a roar in retaliation, Dragon Flame knew he had to do something and met the forcefield head on with his own.


Not far away, Bai Yan and Bai Ning were coming to the scene at great speed when their ears were suddenly hit with that rumbling roar.

“Not good!”

“What’s going on?” asked Bai Ning, who had stopped flying and showing a frown on her face.

Serious as well, Bai Yan quickly explains: “It is Dragon Flame, he’s likely in danger. Half Qing Sing, you go back to the inn and protect my kids. Me and my mother is enough.”

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Dragon Flame is in danger?

The snake mutters to herself in surprise.

That guy is so powerful, who can cause trouble for him?

As curious as the snake was about the supposed enemy, she couldn’t exactly refuse the order and retreated in the opposite way.

“Yan’er, we should hurry then before it’s too late.” That said, Bai Ning didn’t stick around and flew forward, reappearing with her afterimage several meters away already and continuing to go further with Bai Yan close on her tail.


Back over in the secluded valley, the old goat’s legs had already begun to bend in an unnatural way due to the pressure coming down on his head. It’s excruciatingly painful, almost unbearable even, but the ancient monster never once waivered in his determination to not kneel.

“I, Dragon Flame, will never kneel before a human, you can’t humiliate me!” Gritting his teeth, the old goat became even more ferocious in the eye as fire burned in them: “If it was in the past, a puny human like you would never dare to cross me, the great Dragon God! But just because I’ve been locked away for so long that you insects would act all arrogant before me? Just you wait, I will make you pay for everything today once I regain my full strength!”


Before the old goat could react due to his attention being occupied, a figure wearing a pearly white dress had come before him. Next thing he knew, the force had been dispersed following a waive from the lady.

Despite being free, the strain on his legs remains, causing Dragon Flame to sit paralyzed on the ground as he gasped for air.


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