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Adorable Treasured Fox: Divine Doctor Mother Overturning The Heavens!
Author :Xiao Qi Ye
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Chapter 1199 “Ning Yu’s Plan 2 ”

Chapter 1199 “Ning Yu’s Plan (2)”

In their eyes, a person who doesn’t even recognize their own mother was as bad as it comes for a scumbag.

Finding support from the masses, the middle-aged madam that looked both dirty and haggard became more full of herself. Puffing up her chest: “Those like you who only recognize a godmother and forget their own real mother is going to face retribution if you don’t change your ways!” After throwing that out there, the stranger then turns to glare at Bai Ning, “And you, are you blind or what? Do you think just because she’s similar to you in appearance that it’s fate? Only a fool would think such a thing is coincidental!”

Bai Ning’s eyes gradually turned cold after that outburst, “And you think it’s not?”

“Of course not! A while back I inadvertently came across a Cosmetic Dan Pill, it can allow the user to change their face according to what they imagine upon us!” Huffing deeply like she’s exasperated by the memory, the madam borderline growled at Bai Yan’s face, “Then this girl! She somehow got wind of you and the forces under your control. She wanted to become your daughter, that’s why she stole the pill from underneath my eye, the purpose is to take control of your powers!”

Bai Ning didn’t reply to that, nor did Bai Yan in this case.

It’s just that…..

While Bai Yan herself didn’t speak to defend herself, those hands had involuntarily clenched into a tight ball with sweat covering it. She could honestly say she’s never been afraid in this lifetime, even during her time alone. However, this time she’s obviously feeling panic inside.

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For one thing, the lady herself had plenty of methods to prove herself innocent, but that’s not the issue here. What if her real mother Bai Ning doesn’t believe her? What would Bai Yan do then? It’s torture, plain and simple, pure torture.

Fully understanding it’s her time to shine, Ning Yu steps forward like an indignant daughter trying to protect her own mother: “Don’t say that about my Auntie Ning, she’s a kind-hearted woman who has a big heart and would believe anyone if they are true to her. She has nothing to do with this matter. If you say another sentence about my Auntie Ning then I won’t let you go!”

The middle-aged madam obviously got the signal and knew it’s time to move onto the second phase of their plan. Softening up in her voice towards Bai Ning: “You really are a foolish one. You got such a nice girl here and you don’t cherish, instead you turn your kindness towards a wolf who would abandon their own mother. I ask you, what sort of sincerity could such a person have towards you?”

The onlookers also seemed to feel the same way after hearing that logic. Immediately, nods were shared among the crowd.

“That’s right, a person who would change their own face just to recognize an adopted mother and ignore their real one couldn’t be a good individual.”

“This girl really can’t be judged by her face, oh wait, that’s not her real one!”

“I know right, I think the smaller girl over there is quite nice, she knows how to protect their loved ones. A daughter should be like that.”

Taking this chance, Ning Yu dropped her face downwards in a dejected manner, similar to an innocent someone suffering due to the circumstances.

“It’s only right for a daughter to be their mother’s intimate little cotton wool. Even if Auntie Ning won’t consider me her biological daughter, I have long taken her as mine. I never had a mother since I was young so my feelings towards her are pure, unlike others who came with ulterior motives!” After saying that, Ning Yu’s eyes had turned red when glaring at Bai Yan, the anger and hatred unconcealed and upfront


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