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Adorable Treasured Fox: Divine Doctor Mother Overturning The Heavens!
Author :Xiao Qi Ye
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Chapter 1153 “I’ll Find You 5 ”

Chapter 1153 “I’ll Find You (5)”

“I say… if this sword can kill this goat head monster then it can also kill you, right?” Fiddling with the sword in a playful manner, Bai Yan locks eyes with Half Qing Sing and made the demoness freeze up.

“What do you mean by that?”

“If my guesses are right, your strength used to be extremely powerful so your body is also very sturdy, meaning general weapons are useless against your skin, is that also correct?” Deepening in her smile, Bai Yan continues with fangs baring, “This sword, since it can pierce through his heart, it can also do the same to you as well, am I right?”

“You…” The demoness grew livid at what this was leading to. Stinking girl dares to scheme against me!

If Bai Yan had showed the intent to betray her earlier then Half Qing Sing would never have allowed her to get close to the sword, but that clearly wasn’t the case. In fact, the entire time she felt it was the opposite, Bai Yan wanted to help her!

“I thought the snakes were a cunning race, why would you think I would help you when I explicitly said I didn’t like snakes?” Shrugging, Bai Yan smugly grins at the foe and made the dragon god relax again.

“Girl, I didn’t think you would be so fitting of my appetite. When dealing with a slut like Half Qing Sing, what you did there is the right decision, hahaha!”


The sword came flying over as soon as he threw those words out there, causing the goat monster’s skin to bleed from the contact and staining his scales red.

“What are you trying to do?!” Dragon Flame exclaims with great anger.

Tucking the sword back into her hand, Bai Yan playfully wipes the blood with her sleeve: “Nothing much, I’m only trying out this sword to see if its sharp.”

The answer nearly made the dragon god puke out blood because that gesture almost scared him to death. What’s wrong with this human girl? I didn’t say anything to offend her so why is she using me to test the sword!

“Little girl,” Dragon Flame flickers his eyes back and forth in deep thought before speaking out with temptation. “How about you help me kill this snake? If you kill her then I’ll do three things for you.”

Rubbing her chin, Bai Yan seems to have another idea in mind. “How are you supposed to help me when you’re all tied up?”

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“This…” Showing a frown on his old goat face, “Isn’t that easy? You release me and I will help you do the three things you ask. I am Dragon God, I will never betray my benefactors.”

“I can’t trust you.”

She never trusts strangers, let alone a monster carrying a goat head and a snake’s body. What’s more, the sensation from these two beings weren’t good on any level. One felt like he wanted to eat her, while the other wanted to strangle her…. In the end neither of them were good choices.

“However…” beaming a light in her eyes, Bai Yan throws out her main objective, “if you bond a contract with me then I will consider working with you, how about it?”

Dragon Flame’s expression turned into a disbelieving popsicle. This little human girl wants to contract me? How ludicrous! I am Dragon God! No human girl will force me into servitude!

“Little girl, I can do three things for you so let’s drop the subject about the contracting.”


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