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Adorable Treasured Fox: Divine Doctor Mother Overturning The Heavens!
Author :Xiao Qi Ye
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Chapter 1151 “I’ll Find You 3 ”

Chapter 1151 “I’ll Find You (3)”

The monster glared at the impudent woman, showing a sharp light that shouldn’t be possible since those eyes had long bordered on the line of mummification. “Little girl, your body is giving off the smell of those ancient bone dragons. If I am correct, the bone quill in your possession belongs to my subordinates, now do you know my identity?”

Bai Yan appeared stunned on the face. The bone quill she used as a weapon was something she received while training in the Holy Domain, to be seen through with only a glance when she never brought it out definitely pushed her on the defensive.

After throwing that out there, the monster then turns to the little missy who immediately shrank backwards for cover.

Dragony doesn’t know why either but the second that gaze stared over in her direction, an instinctive fear instantly took over. It’s almost like a natural instinct to cower before that monster, or that’s what she’s feeling right now anyways.

“This girl is a descendant of that guy? But her strength… that’s just unsightly.” Making a frown, the monster returns his attention to the woman after being displeased by what he saw. “Let’s do this then. Release me from this binding and I will enhance the girl’s strength, how about that?”

That guy?

Bai Yan didn’t say anything, only staring down at her goddaughter in deep thought.

Dragony is the daughter of the last dragon chief, who is this monster referring to by that “guy”?

Was there some kind of mix up in her birth? That Dragony is an orphan picked up by the previous dragon chief and not his real daughter? Or is she also like me, someone that has a previous life and reincarnated in this?

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But there’s no way this monster will me the truth, he’s obviously a cunning one and will drag the matter out if I ask.

What’s more, there’s still another monster nearby….

I can’t take the risk!

“I don’t know you well, nor can I believe any of the promises you give me. What if I free you and you kill me in a flash? Wouldn’t I have done more than I can swallow?” All smiles on her face, she’s clearly trying to steer the conversation in a certain direction with that.

The lack of trust enraged the monster a bit: “I am the great Dragon God! How dare you question my reliability! If you don’t free me then I will kill you the second I break free from these spears!”

Shrugging: “You are already crying about murdering me, why should I care at all? Sorry, but I haven’t lived enough in this life yet so I don’t want to die for the time being.”

“You…” the mummified body of the monster actually trembled profusely due to the rage circulating through his veins. Furthermore, he didn’t bother to hide the killing intent in those eyes anymore and released it full mount and made the party stumble backwards a step.

At first Bai Yan intended to leave this monster and move on, but then that same uncomfortable sensation of a snake wrapping around her neck had come again. “Who?!”

Szz Szzz Szzzzz

Slithering through the grass was a snake of turquoise green after followed the sound to get a better view. It’s small in size, only about her arm in length, but Bai Yan could swear every bell under her skin had been rung in that second and brought her to full alarm.

Half a moment later, the snake had come before the party and stopped. Without saying another word, that body gradually stretched and elongated until it took on a human form. It’s a woman wearing a dress similar in color to its scales, however, the most eye-catching feature wasn’t what she wore, rather it’s her face – half of it was covered in snake scales akin to a mask.

“Little girl, the words of this guy are not credible. If you release him then he’s going to kill you right away.”

“Half Qing Sing (Half Great Beauty), what nonsense are you spouting you slut?” Livid on his face, the monster lashes out in furious rage, “I am Dragon God, you think I will lie? Little girl, hurry and release me, this insidious bitch is not to be trusted. Everyone who has ever come here has been killed by her, just like how she’s going to do to you!”


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