Adorable Treasured Fox: Divine Doctor Mother Overturning The Heavens!
Chapter 1146 “Bai Xiachen’s injured 7 ”
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Adorable Treasured Fox: Divine Doctor Mother Overturning The Heavens!
Author :Xiao Qi Ye
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Chapter 1146 “Bai Xiachen’s injured 7 ”

Chapter 1146 “Bai Xiachen’s injured (7)”

“I know it’s thanks to that amulet that I can be me again, but…. it also turned me into this grotesque form….” Bai Xiachen heavily sighs and covers the red eye with his hand.

Going white from alarm, Bai Yan didn’t want to mess around after hearing this and poured her senses into the boy for examination. “Impossible, how can your body be manipulated by another person? I’ve probed your body Xiachen. You only have your soul inside so it’s impossible for such a thing to happen.”

Shaking his little head cluelessly: “I don’t know either Mother, I only know my mind went blank in that moment and that there’s a voice telling me to kill everyone. Then that’s when my body began to move on its own!”

Thank goodness I drove Dragony away, otherwise I might’ve hurt her in that moment…..

Trembling in her voice now, Bai Yan tightly wounds her arms around the boy: “Believe in me Xiachen, mother here will never let you be hurt….”

“But Mother, I’m afraid of hurting you,” Bai Xiachen also wounds his little hands around her body for comfort. “I can feel it right now, I might lose control at any time. If the day comes where I can no longer recognize anyone, you and Baddie Father mustn’t be soft on me.”

Stiffening up in her body: “Xiachen….”

“Because Mother is my most important person, I don’t want you to be hurt….” Drawing a precious smile of warmth and fear, Bai Xiachen’s appearance only brought even more pain to Bai Yan’s heart despite his failed attempt at making the situation better.

In the end, Bai Xiachen was still only a child, how could he know what a mother’s heart thought? Asking her to kill him when the time comes? Absolutely not!

“Son, everything has a solution, believe in me, I’ll find a solution.” Standing up with her boy in hold, she prints a kiss on his forehead to seal the promise. “Besides, if you hadn’t been there, I might’ve perhaps already given up long ago….”

Bai Xiachen didn’t protest to that statement, he just knew his mother might say that, so…. When the time comes, he’s going to request the same thing from his old man. The only issue would be the after the fact consequences. His mother might hate his old man for the rest of her life….

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“Gege,” Dragony timidly gets closer as well and reaches out to hold his hand, “I will also help you…”

Smiling brilliant at the girl’s support, Mother won’t be lonely if Dragony is with her, and there’s my little sister who still isn’t born yet…..

“Xiachen, Dragony, let’s go and find a way out of this place first.” Narrowing her eyes into a slit after saying that, the contour of Yun Ruo Xi appears within Bai Yan’s mind.

She kept getting the sensation that she knew that woman from somewhere, especially that amulet around the neck, it’s very familiar.


Demon City.

At the mouth of this city, the man whom rules over this place continues to stare down from the sky at those who dared to invade his property. Forget about harming him, they couldn’t even touch the corner of his sleeve at this moment. However, Di Cang’s heart continued to grow more dire and uneasy with each wasted minute.

“Yan Yan?” The man suddenly gripped his hand into a ball after reaching out for a second time with his senses, “First Elder, you deal with these people! I got something I need to do first!”

The command greatly startled the senior who was still locked in battle with the weaker foes among the many attackers, his eyes showing surprise.

Let me handle it?

How am I supposed to deal with that many High Divines?

“Sire… where… where are you going?” First Elder asks with trembling nervousness.


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