Adorable Treasured Fox: Divine Doctor Mother Overturning The Heavens!
Chapter 1140 “Bai Xiachen’s injured”
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Adorable Treasured Fox: Divine Doctor Mother Overturning The Heavens!
Author :Xiao Qi Ye
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Chapter 1140 “Bai Xiachen’s injured”

“Mother,” Dragony’s complexion had gone white due to her own urgency, “there is a bad woman trying to kill Gege (big brother), please go save him!”

Bai Yan nearly lost her footing once she heard that outcry. Grabbing the girl’s shoulder, there’s a unmistakable fear in her trembling voice: “Where’s Xiachen, where is he?”

“Mother, I’ll fly you to Gege’s location, please get on my back.”

Unable to afford any time to explain, the little missy transforms back to her dragon form and crouched down so her godmother could get on with ease.

“Queen!” The guards were now also growing extremely troubled after realizing what they’re doing. Running over to plead: “His Majesty said its too dangerous out there right now, please stay here and let us go instead!”

Stern and unyielding, “Tell Di Cang I’ll be back very soon. Dragony, go.”

“Okay.” Not wasting another second, Dragony’s body zipped through the sky like a lightning bolt, leaving only a trail light of her ever being there in the first place.

“This…” one of the guards choked out his worry, “should we go inform the king?”

“But the king is in battle with those people right now, I fear His Majesty won’t be able to separate himself from the fight. We better wait until he returns and then report this.” Another demon guard says after weighing their choices.

Unlike some of the others out there, these demons are the ones that have only recently came out of the secret domain so they are very much unaware of Di Cang’s love for Bai Yan. It’s not just pampering, it’s mad love!

So…. though not intentional, they’ve pretty much dug their own grave for not reporting the queen’s departure.

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At the front of the city gate, hordes of demons are now standing at ready against the enemy that has come to attack their den.

“Demon King Di Cang!” Crying out this was a middle-aged man in opposition to the defenders, his smile mocking and derisive. “Don’t you know whose property this stretch of land is? How dare you animals come to the Celestial Realm? Who gave you such courage?”

“So far I still haven’t given my queen her bride’s gift.”

“……” None of the Monarchs could comprehend that reply.

“It was not easy for my queen to fancy a place… since she wants something now, it’s only right I lay down my claim to give her.” Though mild and light in his tone, Di Cang’s words were ridiculously effective to the point where its making waves among those who’s heard it.

Then again, who could blame these Monarchs for reacting so strongly? They’ve theorized thousands of possibilities for this invasion. Ambition? Desire for power? Greed? But now it’s nothing but a desire to flatter his wife with a bride’s gift? What the hell? What sort of reasoning was that?

“Hahaha!” The middle-aged man breaks out into a wild laugh, his voice ringing out like a bell in this night. “Do you think you can subdue the Celestial Realm with only your strength? How ridiculous! I will show you today that this world is not something you can touch with your filthy hands!”


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