Adorable Treasured Fox: Divine Doctor Mother Overturning The Heavens!
Chapter 1134 “Celestial Realm’s Faction 4 ”
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Adorable Treasured Fox: Divine Doctor Mother Overturning The Heavens!
Author :Xiao Qi Ye
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Chapter 1134 “Celestial Realm’s Faction 4 ”

Chapter 1134 “Celestial Realm’s Faction (4)”

“Don’t you go, please let me out, I beg of you!”

Acting as if she didn’t hear the plead, Bai Yan disappears off into the city with her husband, leaving only a crying Mu Mei in the background that kept pounding away at the veil prison.


After days of renovation, the former city lord’s estate has now taken on a new look of replenishment when Di Cang and his wife arrived at the site.

“Di Cang.” Crossing her arms with a displeased look on the face, Bai Yan clearly didn’t feel happy when she took a seat on the bedside. “It looks like we need to rethink our plans in our attack of the Celestial Realm. There’s too many powerful individuals out there that we aren’t aware of still.”

If only my strength is higher! Then I won’t have to be so passive….

Getting a seat beside his wife since he knew he had to say something less she starts getting dangerous ideas again: “Yan Yan, you only need to take care of the baby in your tummy, I will handle this until you are ready to fight by my side again.”

Showing a bittersweet smile, Bai Yan also looks down and rubs her already showing stomach: “Perhaps this child didn’t come at the right timing. If it is a few years later then I could do something now instead of waiting.”

“Don’t dwell on the what ifs Yan Yan. What needs to come will come, not to mention…” Cusping his hands around hers, “I will protect both you and our daughter.”

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She didn’t respond, only staring downwards at their hands for a long time before looking up at her own man. “Di Cang, Mu Mei mentioned before that the one who summoned them is a woman by the name of Yun Ruo Xi. I don’t know why but I keep getting a sensation that I know that name somewhere. It’s familiar to me.”

Unfortunately, the answer to the dilemma was like a bait dangling in front of a rod, so close yet so far.

“If you’re tired then rest early, I’ll go discuss this with the other elders.” Gently picking up his wife with both arms to tuck her inside bed, Di Cang made sure to cover her body tightly with the cover before landing a peck on her forehead.

Though still worried about their future, Bai Yan didn’t resist the offer to rest. She’s indeed really tired as of late so her closes unconsciously began to close itself as the man left the room.


Back over in the small town, Yun Ruo Xi was currently standing with her back turned to the door of her room and facing the window when several figures suddenly appeared behind herself.

“You’re all here?” She asks with a pleased smile as she swung around.

“Miss Rou Xi, did you summon us here in order to deal with those from the Demon Realm?” Asked a middle-aged man who took a step forward.

Giving a nod as her answer, those eyes were full of sadness when she spoke: “As we all know, the temperaments of the demons are cruel and ruthless by nature, such as their kind from eons past. Though we’ve managed to subdue them a thousand years ago during that great war but it’s clear to us in the Celestial Palace that they’re trying to make a return today. Please, I need the help of the Monarchs. You all are the pillars supporting the Celestial Realm and the strongest fighting force we have. I know my powers are limited but implore you all, please head my command as vested in me by the Keepers.”

“Hahaha!” The middle-aged man bellows out a laugh: “No need to be so polite Miss Ruo Xi, slaying demons are our duty. Even without your request, we will still do our part.”


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