Adorable Treasured Fox: Divine Doctor Mother Overturning The Heavens!
Chapter 1133 “Celestial Realm’s Faction 3 ”
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Adorable Treasured Fox: Divine Doctor Mother Overturning The Heavens!
Author :Xiao Qi Ye
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Chapter 1133 “Celestial Realm’s Faction 3 ”

Chapter 1133 “Celestial Realm’s Faction (3)”

Her eyes were finally overtaken by the despair she felt from within. Those eyes of the demons coming her way, and the pitiful condition she herself was in right now, there’s no hope to be found.

“I’ll ask again, tell me your name. Oh yes, I forgot to tell you this spell formation will increase in its intensity whenever you refuse to answer me honestly. This time it’s a lightning whip, next time it might be some sort of fire or water attack.”

The spy’s body trembled harder after hearing that: “It’s Mu Mei!”

“Second question, what are you here for?”

Mu Mei tightly clenched her fists in frustration but answered anyways: “I have been informed that the Demon Realm is attacking us so all of us Monarchs are to gather in this region to combat the threat.”


“High Divines are titled Monarchs within the Celestial Realm because we are charged with the rule of a regional territory.”

Bai Yan nods in approval at the explanation: “Then who is it that informed you of our coming? How many of you are there in this world?”

“Please, the one who informed me is Yun Ruo Xi of the Celestial Palace, she’s the one you want. As for how many of us there are, it’s somewhere between forty to fifty the last I checked.”

That surprised Bai Yan. Forty to fifty Monarchs? Then that means there might be even more High Divine enemies hidden in the shadows. This battle won’t be easy…..

“One last question, do you know about a woman by the name of Bai Ning?”

Bai Ning, the name not only roused a reaction from Mu Mei, it downright made her frightened in that moment. There’s open fear in the spy’s eye after hearing those two words.

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Catching this unmistakable look of recognition, Bai Yan’s expression turned serious and hard when pressing for more: “You know Bai Ning?”

“The one you’re speaking of…. Is she the one who escaped unscathed after openly assaulting the Celestial Palace, that Bai Ning?”

“Yes, I’m talking about her, do you know where she is?” Bai Yan’s heart tensed up and causes her to reach in with her hands without thinking. She’s gripping Mu Mei’s collar and almost choked the poor woman with her behavior.

“Yan Yan.” Afraid his wife’s mood would become too unstable, Di Cang hurried over to wrap his arms around her waist to show his support. He hopes the act would help calm her mood down to a manageable level.

“I…. I don’t know….” Mu Mei stutters this out with great difficulty.

She really doesn’t know where Bai Ning was. In fact, the entire Celestial Realm wouldn’t know either on where that woman was hiding, otherwise the Celestial Palace would’ve long sent its people to capture the criminal years ago. She’s like a ghost, come without indication and then leave without a trail.

Loosening her grip around the woman’s collar, Bai Yan had to force herself to take a step back in order to inhale deeply. Only then did her emotions calm down a bit. “Di Cang, don’t worry, I’m fine.”

She just wanted to see her so much….

“I’ll help you find her, don’t worry.” Pained by his wife’s appearance, Di Cang gives her a rub on the shoulder as reassurance.

Bai Yan knew she couldn’t change the fact and nodded. Turning back to the spy: “Mu Mei, since you’re here already then you can forget about leaving. No one can undo this spell formation that I set.”

Shuddering, the spy frantically pounded at the veil: “I’ve already answered your question, what else do you want?!”

Snickering: “Just the fact that you peeped at my husband is enough for me to not let you live! This formation will last for forty nine days, afterwards you too will disperse into nothingness along with it!”


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