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Adorable Treasured Fox: Divine Doctor Mother Overturning The Heavens!
Author :Xiao Qi Ye
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Chapter 1124 “Spirit Fox 4 ”

Chapter 1124 “Spirit Fox (4)”

“You… You are…”

How can it be him? The old hunter gulps hard, understanding he might’ve mistakenly poked at a huge hornet’s nest this time.

Although he had only ever seen him from afar at the palace, but the impression remains very deep and memorable.

Sure, this old coot would often act crazy before the public, but even those Keepers would abstain from provoking him. That just goes to show how prestigious and important this old coot’s background was.

On the other hand, the crazy old coot acted like he didn’t give a care in the world. Using his dirty hands, the senile old gramp began to pat the hunter’s head like he’s hitting a child.

“Come on, run, go on and run, this is too fun, hahaha….”

Bai Xiachen didn’t pay too much attention to the antics of the old fella, instead his eyes fell upon the woman lying to the ground. “How are you?”

Somewhat surprised by the question, Spirit Fox struggles to climb up from the ground using the tree trunk as support. Heaving long raspy breathes: “I’m fine, thank you little brother.”

“Can you tell me why he is trying to capture you?”

Drawing her eyes downward in a dejected manner: “He wants to use me as an ingredient in his alchemic recipe. I kept running away and hiding, but in the end he eventually found me….”

Giving an understanding nod, Bai Xiachen knew he must help: “I have some Dan pills here, but I don’t know which can help cure your injury…. Why don’t you try them all, how about it?” That said, he promptly pulled out multiple bottles to hand over one bead from each one.

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Happy and grateful in her expression: “I’m thankful but medicinal pills are useless for me. I only need to rest for a while to recover, but as you can see, this place is too dangerous to do just that. When you leave, can you take me along?”

“Okay,” the little steambun didn’t hesitate to nod and places the pills away, “then have a good rest, I will take you with us.”

“Mmmm,” Spirit Fox tiredly closes her eyes as her body let’s off a blue glow.

Moments later, there were no longer a woman leaning up again a tree here, rather there’s only a blue fox lying on the ground already asleep.

“Dragony, you take her with you.”

“Why me?”

“Dummy, boys and girls need not touch, she is a female so it will be inconvenient to keep her on me. Not like she’s Little Rice you know.” Then turning his face into an almost serious yet hilarious look, “Mother said, aside from relatives and my future wifey, I can’t get too close to other girls.”

“EHHHHH?!” The crazy old coot gave up on torturing the old hunter at this point and ran over with his palms rubbing against itself. “Are we having roast fox tonight? If we are then I want the leg, I like eating the leg part.”

Bai Xiachen’s face went black and immediately shot a stare over: “This fox is my kind, she’s not for eating. If you eat foxes again, I’ll… I’ll ignore you from now on!”

Puckering up his lip in grievance, the old coot was obviously unhappy at being yelled at: “Fine, I won’t eat then, why yell at me….”

“You can’t eat foxes, and you can’t eat demonic beasts either. If you can’t then I won’t help you find your Bai Bai.” Forking those little hands against his waist, the little steambun stands firm on the matter.

“I won’t eat… you must help me find my Bai Bai….”

In comparison to finding his Bai Bai, filling the stomach meant nothing.

“Mmm, that’s a good boy.” Praising the old coot by touching his head, “You help us look after this fox and I’ll do that, otherwise I won’t help you.”

“Okay.” Casting one final glance at Spirit Fox, the crazy old coot’s attention continues to linger around the little thing’s body.

I can only look and can’t eat, this is too torturous…


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