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Adorable Treasured Fox: Divine Doctor Mother Overturning The Heavens!
Author :Xiao Qi Ye
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Chapter 1111 “Bandit Di Cang 1 ”

Chapter 1111 “Bandit Di Cang (1)”

Frantically rummaging through himself for the storage ring, Wei Sheng Ping then carefully presents it before Di Cang face to show he’s not trying anything funny. “The treasures are here.”

“Here Yan Yan,” tossing it to his wife without any care for the ring, “see if you like anything in there. If you find nothing you like then I’ll just finish these people off first before looking elsewhere to rob.”

Wei Sheng Ping could start peeing himself at this point after that comment. He’s dreadfully afraid he would lose his head the next second if he moved.

If I had known this ancient battlefield is so dangerous then I never would’ve come here to guard this place!

Rubbing her chin after scanning the content with her senses, Bai Yan spoke with a pleased smile: “I will take some of the herbs inside, they’re what I need to refine some more Godhood Dan Pill. As for the others, I don’t need them.”

“Hmm?” Pricking his brow like he’s not amused by what he’s heard, Di Cang promptly turned back to the fat greaseball, “Are you hiding anything else?”

Pale as a ghost at the added attention: “Of course not, absolutely not! This is already everything I have in my home.”

“Then… alright, out of consideration for the herbs you’ve presented, I will leave your body intact.” Di Cang spoke with a sinister smirk and causes the other person to collapse entirely to the floor.

The poor greaseball didn’t expect he would still be killed after he handed everything over. However, that frightened mindset of his did have a brain because his attention swiftly turned to the concubines huddling in the corner of the room. Grabbing several of the dancers and songstresses, he pulls them to Di Cang’s location.

“Oh great king of the demons, please let me go. If you do, these beauties are all yours.” Hurrying to push one of the dancers beside himself to go forward: “What are you all waiting for, quickly go serve this great one.”

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As frightened as the lady was based on that shivering appearance, she nevertheless plucked up her courage and walked towards Di Cang.


“Scram!” Before she could even get in front of the man, Di Cang’s aura had exploded outwards and sent the lady flying and crashing into the nearest wall. Blood came pouring out of that mouth and dying the woman red from the chest down.

“I had wanted to give you an intact body once you die, but it seems you don’t want that opportunity anymore!”

Dumbfounded, the slimy greaseball hurries to speak: “Is this one not to your liking? No problem, it doesn’t matter, I can find any beauty that is to your liking. As long as you let me live then anything is fine.”

That pleading cry only made Bai Yan shake her head. She’s absolutely baffled by how clueless this person was and how he could be so oblivious to his own mistake.

“No wonder your daughter is so stupid, it’s due to your influence,” First Elder chimes in with a sarcastic tone, “His Majesty is angry because you keep trying to send those women to his side yet you are still blind to the fact. How stupid can you be? No wonder you were sent here to guard the ancient battlefield.”

Wei Sheng Ping just gawked his jaws there. He didn’t think there would be a man who doesn’t like beautiful women, and to refuse one at that?

Not wanting to spend any more time with the fool, Di Cang returns his attention to his wife. Giving her a hug to not give anyone other ideas: “Yan Yan, don’t be angry, I will cheer you up okay?”

Breaking out into a giggling laughter: “Where do you see that I’m angry? If he wants to send women to you is his business, you just need to not accept it. Not to mention if you did dare to accept it, I will kill one if there’s one, kill two if there’s two, and kill dozens if there’s dozens!”

“Oh Yan Yan, there’s no need for you to dirty your own hands, your husband I will personally deal with these people. You just sit there and stay put.”


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