Adorable Treasured Fox: Divine Doctor Mother Overturning The Heavens!
Chapter 1077 p2 “Elder Jun’s Death 7 ”
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Adorable Treasured Fox: Divine Doctor Mother Overturning The Heavens!
Author :Xiao Qi Ye
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Chapter 1077 p2 “Elder Jun’s Death 7 ”

Chapter 1077 (p2) “Elder Jun’s Death (7)”

At this moment within a valley, a flash of bright brilliance booms out of thin air and materializes a bronze gate that swung wide open at the same time. Following that was the appearance of a family of three. The man seductively devilish, the woman blindingly beautiful, and the little kid cuddly and adorable. Together, the trio were almost surreal like a painting itself when gazed upon.

“Welcome home King, Queen, and Prince.” Kneeling on the ground, their voices were respectful and united.

As usual, Di Cang’s expression remains as indifferent as ever when he waved his hand to push the group back up from the ground with his power.

“Did anything happen while I was away from the Demon Realm?”

First Elder was hesitant to report the various incidents but did so out of loyalty: “A lady by the name of Liu Qing Yu came tonight and seeks an audience, she claims to be the queen’s servant.”

“Liu Qing Yu is here?” Bai Yan sounded surprised and startled by the news, “Did something happen in the Spirit Realm? Go, bring me to her.”

“Yes, Queen.”

Now that he’s confirmed the two lady’s connection, First Elder’s last bit of unease finally dissipated. He’s afraid of bringing a spy or assassin into the fold. If anything happens to the king or queen then it would be him who’s the cause, he would become a sinner!

While Bai Yan and Di Cang headed out to conduct their business, Bai Xiachen and his little friend was left behind to do their own thing for now.

“Don’t worry Little Leopard, there’s nothing to be afraid here. I am the prince, no one will try anything.” Finding the unease hovering around his friend’s behavior, the little steambun attempts to reassure the boy.

It’s not that the leopard boy didn’t trust the little prince or the influence he wields, but he’s always lived alone until now. To come to a place filled with so many of his kind at once, he’s just not used to the large company.

“Let’s go, I’ll bring you to play at Auntie Suzaku’s place. She loves children so I’m sure she will like you too.”

Unlike First Elder who had left the premise in order to lead the couple away, the remaining elders were still here! When they overheard the kid’s comment about bringing the leopard boy to meet that great one, it’s equivalent to a grenade being thrown in front of their faces ready for exploding!

Hurrying to block the kids from going: “Prince, this isn’t right. Lady Suzaku hates being bothered by outsiders, I fear she might hurt your friend if you go….”

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Bai Xiachen immediately puckers his lip up: “How can that be, Auntie Suzaku is great and nice, I’m sure she will like my friend. Come Little Leopard, let’s go.”

“Mmm.” Without looking back, the leopard boy followed along like a good friend that he was.

Since Bai Xiachen claimed that Auntie Suzaku wouldn’t hurt him then of course he’s going to believe him. As if a couple of strangers could change his mind?

Finding how the little steambun wouldn’t listen to their advice, the remaining elders all twitched in the corner of their mouth. As much as they would want to stop the tragedy that’s going to unfold, blocking the prince was something they didn’t have the guts to do!


Side hall.

Liu Qing Yu had been pacing back and forth after being brought over to this location. She’s full of urgency on the face when the door swung open and in came that stunning couple whom could wow the world.



Not a hint of hesitation, she plops to the ground into a kneeling position, her face full of tears as that shoulder quivered with emotion.

“You’re finally back…”

Growing serious on the face as well, Bai Yan knew this couldn’t be good and asked with sternness: “What happened?”

With biting lips: “That man is already rushing towards the human world with most of his main fighting force. Mistress, if we don’t do something soon it will be too late…”

“What?” Trembling from the shock, Bai Yan nearly stumbled over when she took a step backwards.

Fortunately Di Cang was around. Right as the woman’s about to tip over, his hands immediately reached around to catch her by the shoulder.


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