Adorable Treasured Fox: Divine Doctor Mother Overturning The Heavens!
Chapter 1077 p1 “Elder Jun’s Death 6 ”
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Adorable Treasured Fox: Divine Doctor Mother Overturning The Heavens!
Author :Xiao Qi Ye
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Chapter 1077 p1 “Elder Jun’s Death 6 ”

Chapter 1077 (p1) “Elder Jun’s Death (6)”

It’s right as the palace guard was about to leave that he called out again: “Hold on, go call the rest of the elders from the council, I have something to discuss with them.”

“Yes Elder.”

Half a ring later, the other elders of the Demon Realm have all gathered and were walking through the main entrance. Its obvious they still didn’t know what’s happening because their faces were filled with smiles.

“First Elder, is there a reason for summoning us all?”

Softly issuing a sigh at his gathered brothers, First Elder began to explain knowing this news wouldn’t be what they want to hear: “Yes, I got something big to tell you all.” His words promptly removed the smiles from their face.

“Please don’t scare us First Elder, is something the matter? Don’t tell me, are those bastards from the Celestial Realm attacking?” Seventh Elder had the smallest courage among the group so he’s the one who spoke with that trembling voice.

“It’s not us here in the Demon Realm, it’s the human world. I’ve gotten wind that the Spirit Realm intends to do something big over there and the queen’s family will also be caught up in the mess. I’ve called you all here because I need you all to be ready.” Pausing to let his words sink in, he continues: “We will be setting off for the human world in a bit!”

They could ignore the fate of those unrelated humans, after all, they are denizens of the Demon Realm. However, Bai Yan’s human family have to be cared for, otherwise the king would tear them apart after they return from the secret domain.


Fourth Elder also spoke up now after they all confirmed with that cry: “First Elder, are we heading out right now?”

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“Yes, we will go right away.” Showing a heaviness in his eyes, First Elder seems to have remembered another crucial factor: “Also, this matter must be kept secret from the princess, I do not want her demanding to come with us to the human world. The danger is too great to involve the princess.”

In First Elder’s opinion, Di Xiao Wan’s strength still hasn’t recovered to the level of prior years. Even if the girl does follow along, she would only be a baggage and cause more trouble than good. Therefore, the optimal choice would be to keep her in the dark.

Suddenly, the old senior’s ear pricked up like he’s heard something. Hurrying to gaze upward, a flash of joy sparkles in his old eye.

“First Elder, what’s wrong, did something else happen?”

The gathered crowd did not understand the change in their brother’s mood and asked in haste.

“The entrance to the secret domain is open again, His Majesty is likely back!”

In this Demon Realm, the only ones capable of opening the domain other than himself would be Di Cang and State Teacher. Since the entrance was being opened from the other side, it could only mean one thing…

“That’s great, His Majesty is back!” The rest of the elders also raised a smile on their faces.

In their view, as long as their king was back then those from the Spirit Realm would never succeed.

“Someone come!” Making a cough to clear his throat, First Elder didn’t forget about the anxious lady. “Go bring Miss Liu Qing Yu to the side hall, I will go meet her in a bit.”

Confused by his brother’s words, Fourth Elder attempts to get more detail: “Who is this Miss Liu Qing Yu?”

“That… she is the daughter of the Spirit Lord. According to her claim, she’s the queen’s servant. I didn’t fully trust her so I had the girl stay in a corner of the palace under close watch. I don’t dare to let her wander around until I can confirm the truth in her words.” Shaking his hand to end the discussion, “But enough of us talking here, let’s go meet the king and queen first.”

The rest of the elder council didn’t object to the idea and followed from behind. They’re also of the idea to meet Di Cang before continuing this conversation.


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