Adorable Treasured Fox: Divine Doctor Mother Overturning The Heavens!
Chapter 1076 “Elder Jun’s Death 5 ”
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Adorable Treasured Fox: Divine Doctor Mother Overturning The Heavens!
Author :Xiao Qi Ye
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Chapter 1076 “Elder Jun’s Death 5 ”

Chapter 1076 “Elder Jun’s Death (5)”

With a banging sound of explosive nature, the force from the old senior’s punch promptly flew towards the nearest pursuer, causing that unfortunate individual to blow apart from the chest area and allowing the blood to spray out like a fountain.

As for the remaining two poor fools, they are also too late to flee. Before they could react or know what’s happening, a razor-sharp blade that looked like a claw had swiped across their belly, causing their innards to fall out and creating a grotesque scene of gore….

Upon witnessing how easily the three had fallen while she herself fled like a frightened rabbit earlier, Liu Qing Yu didn’t know what else to say. One thing’s certain though, she doesn’t need to run anymore nor does she need to fear at this point. Arching her fist to show respect: “Thank you for the generous save sir.”

“You just said you’re our queen’s servant?” The old man furrows that brow as he spoke, “I hope you are not lying to me, otherwise I will make your death even worse than these people!”

“Do not worry sir, you will know I’m speaking the truth as soon as we meet Her Highness.”

Only with that promise did the senior released the frown: “You don’t need to keep calling me sir. I am First Elder of the Demon Realm so you can call me that. By the way, why are these people hunting you?”

Liu Qing Yu’s body quivered for a second upon remembering her goal. That face showing a touch of hate as she spoke: “I am the Spirit Lord’s daughter. Not long ago because I was fed a type of poison, I am now Her Highness’s servant.”

She made no effort to hide the part about her origin. Its true the lady didn’t submit willingly at first, but now she’s fully on Bai Yan’s side.

“But Mistress didn’t keep me by her side and sent me back to the Spirit Realm. She wanted me to spy on that man.”

Of course, the man she’s referring to was He Fei Xiang the Spirit Lord. The girl would never call that man her own father, one because he’s not worthy, and the other she hates him to the core.

“So, when I learned that man was going to attack the human world himself, I conspired with my only follower Elder Jun to inform the mistress. What me and my follower didn’t expect was how devious and sly that man was. He long suspected us and set a trap just waiting for us to fall in. Out of desperation, Elder Jun sacrificed himself to let me run to this point.” Throwing herself to the ground in a bowing posture, her face sobbed with tears: “First Elder, please take me to see my mistress. If we wait any longer then it might be too late…..”

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Raising the girl from the floor with his own hands, First Elder didn’t rush and explained the issue here: “Her Highness is not here in the Demon Realm, nor is she in the human world so you won’t be able to see her for now. But you can follow me back to the palace and wait for the queen.”

“Then what about those in the human world? That man already knows of my betrayal, he will surely rush to attack that land. A river of blood will flow if we don’t act.”

First Elder didn’t comment on that: “Come back with me first, we will discuss this at the palace and make arrangements.”

“Okay.” Clenching her lip, Liu Qing Yu knew this was the best option at the moment. What’s more, she’s very aware of Bai Yan’s relatives being in the human world still so the Demon Realm wouldn’t ignore their presence.

Not wasting anymore time, First Elder turned for the gate leading into the Demon Realm with Liu Qing Yu in toe. And thanks to his identity, the demons patrolling the palace didn’t stop the pair or check the lady’s identity. The whole trip was smooth and unobstructed.

However, it doesn’t mean the senior would just simply trust a random lady he met in an outing. Right after he left the girl to her own bidding in the room he arranged for her, First Elder immediately called for a palace guard and muttered something into the other person’s ear: “Keep a close eye on her.”

“Yes, First Elder.” The guard arched his fist and complied by retreating into the shadow.


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