Adorable Treasured Fox: Divine Doctor Mother Overturning The Heavens!
Chapter 1075 “Elder Jun’s Death 4 ”
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Adorable Treasured Fox: Divine Doctor Mother Overturning The Heavens!
Author :Xiao Qi Ye
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Chapter 1075 “Elder Jun’s Death 4 ”

Chapter 1075 “Elder Jun’s Death (4)”

Liu Qing Yu was on her last leg at this point.

She still hasn’t managed to make those people pay the price, nor has she been able to avenge Elder Jun’s death yet so how could she die here?


Striking preemptively, she didn’t want to die here today.

Sadly, before the lady’s fist could connect with the old man’s chest that was coming at herself, the person had caught the strike midflight. Then almost immediately, a soft palm taps against her own belly and sent Liu Qing Yu flying several meters back away. By the time she landed on the ground again, blood was constantly spewing out from the woman’s mouth due to the injury.

Despite this, she insisted on trying to stand up right away. However, the second she struggled to push herself, that’s when the sharp pain stung the girl’s innards, causing her to lose the air right out of her lung.

Am I going to die today?

In her desperation and iron will, Liu Qing Yu finally got up again. With her best effort, she limps toward the Celestial Rank masters that’s watching with open indifference to the lady’s struggle.

“Today, even if I must die tonight and be buried on this earth, I still want you all to pass on a message to that old bastard! He will pay for his sins, if not now then in the future, he will! Hahahaha! He will pay for his own sins!” When crying out the last part of her sentence, the lady had already fallen into a maddening laugh that could raise a person’s hair. It’s very eerie and creepy.

Once she was done with her antics, Liu Qing Yu did not intend to run anymore and made a sarcastic smile on that bleak face in anticipation for the oncoming attack.

Against this behavior, the pursuers didn’t say much, only exchanging a glance among themselves before releasing a glow of green around their fists. They know very well what this girl could do or what she couldn’t do. If they so much as slapped her with their current strength, it’s still more than enough to kill her on the spot at this point.

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“Who is so bold to fight at the Demon Realm’s gate? If you people want to fight then get lost, disturbance will not be tolerated!” From out of the blue, an old and solemn voice rocks the air, deafening those who were unfortunate enough to be caught in its shockwave.

Next second later after that statement, an old figure gradually emerges from the void and left the pursuers stunned for a brief moment. They never thought someone from the Demon Realm would show up here.

“This is the Spirit Realm’s private business, do not interfere!” One of them speaks up after deliberating on what their options are.

It’s not that they’re afraid of the newcomer, they’re also Celestial Rank cultivators of course, but this wasn’t the right timing to start a war with the Demon Realm. At least not in the open yet.

Liu Qing Yu on the other hand didn’t care what her enemies were thinking. In her view, this stranger was her salvation and the light in her eyes immediately began to burn with life. Nearly shouting in her voice due to the excitement: “This demon senior, I am Liu Qing Yu, a subordinate of your queen! Please save me!”

That did it. Right before the newcomer wanted to leave, he stopped after hearing the lady’s screaming plea. Turning to stare down at the female, a frown appears on that old face: “Did you just say our queen is your mistress?”

Nodding fast to answer: “I’ve already submitted myself to her before. Her Highness can prove my identity. I beg you, please save me, these people want to kill me!”

Those pursuers never expected Liu Qing Yu would be related to Bai Yan. Exchanging a look between themselves for the second time, they were of the same opinion and that they couldn’t wait any longer. Whether this newcomer was dangerous or not, it doesn’t matter. Their only mission was to kill the lady and that’s exactly what they are going to do.


Right before the group could rush in front to pummel that body to mush, the old senior in the air finally took action. In a flash, he was now in front of Liu Qing Yu’s presence and blocked off any chance for these men to reap the girl’s life.


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