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Adorable Treasured Fox: Divine Doctor Mother Overturning The Heavens!
Author :Xiao Qi Ye
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Chapter 1058 “The Little Devil 1 ”

Chapter 1058 “The Little Devil (1)”

He did not need to wait long for the wolf lady to return. This time around, she’s carrying a large bowl of chicken soup in hand with a heart of resentment.

“Xiachen, the chicken soup that you wanted.”

Ready and prepared, Bai Xiachen’s first act was to pick up the chopstick so he could pass on the chicken butt to the lady’s bowl.

“You eat too.”

“As expected, it is Xiachen who cares about mother here the most.” Perhaps its how moved she was at being served a piece, but the lady didn’t have a second thought when she stuffed the chicken butt into her mouth after taking a seat.

However…. all it took was a bite before she spat the chunk of fatty flesh out. In her haste, she immediately grabbed a handkerchief to wipe her frowning mouth, “What is this?”

“Chicken butt, is this not your favorite food?” Answering without so much as blinking an eye, Bai Xiachen sounded so innocent and true that its hard to doubt his sincerity.

Sadly, this news was a huge blow to the wolf lady’s mental stability. If she had known the piece she just placed in her mouth was a chicken butt then she would’ve removed it even before she made the soup, that’s a huge blunder on her part due to inexperience, and now she’s suffering for it!

For a second, the lady felt like her very bile would spill out due to the disgust she felt.

“Mother, you have changed…” Bai Xiachen’s little mouth had curled into a displeased pucker like he’s about to cry: “You used to like eating it a lot, is it because I’m the one who gave it to you that you are vomiting?”

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Pumping a twitch in the corner of her mouth: “How… How could that be…”

“Then why did you spit it out Mother?” asked the boy with a layer of water filling his crystal-like eyes.

Inhaling deeply knowing she’s been cornered, Sisi knew she had no choice and slowly picked up the chicken butt again with her chopstick. When those fingers felt the resistance from the clamping force she herself applied, the lady could already imagine the puking image in her mind. But still, she stuffed it into her mouth in one forceful chug and swallowed….

That was it, that’s the last straw!

Grabbing her handkerchief, Sisi literally covered her mouth and fled for the outside due to the horrific sensation.

When her figure disappeared completely, the laughter of the boy’s chuckling could still be heard throughout the room…..

“This is just the beginning. If you people dare to impersonate my family then you can forget about having it easy.”

Then as if to add salt to the injury, Bai Xiachen went ahead to take a sip of the soup. Unfortunately, he too had made a mistake and found the flavor disgust, forcing him to spit it back out like a shooting fountain.

“It’s no wonder she puked! This is so nasty, its hundreds of times worse than Mother’s cooking.”

Done with the goofy prank, he decides to just leave the mess for others to clean and took his place back in bed.


Within the courtyard of the Wolf Manor, Sisi had just finished running out of the guest rooms where she found a quiet corner to throw up. She’s still trying to reach down with her fingers to force everything back out from the throat.

“Sisi.” It’s exactly then that a familiar voice came from behind. When the lady recognized who it was, she immediately reached out to grab at the man’s sleeve. “Brother Yu, that child, he is the devil, he is the devil!”

“Sisi, what are you going on about?” he frowned and swipes the hand away with impatient clear in his voice.

“Brother Yu, I don’t want to be the child’s mother anymore, he is a little devil! If I continue then I will go crazy!” She’s now hissing hysterically like she’s about to lose her mind.

“I’ve already informed the king that his son’s here. The person will be here soon. What do you expect us to do if we give up on the little prince? Are you trying to destroy our Demonic Wolf Clan?”


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