Adorable Treasured Fox: Divine Doctor Mother Overturning The Heavens!
Chapter 1031 “One Pill One Celestial 5 ”
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Adorable Treasured Fox: Divine Doctor Mother Overturning The Heavens!
Author :Xiao Qi Ye
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Chapter 1031 “One Pill One Celestial 5 ”

Chapter 1031 “One Pill One Celestial (5)”

“Grandma,” crouching down to the shaky woman, Bai Yan brings forward and presents a different pill. “Eat this medicine, it will help a bit so you must hold on.”

Though Jun Tian Yue was still stuck in a state where everything outside her body was void, the grandmother still opened her mouth out of instinct due to the familiar aura. The effects were fast after she ingested the pill, quickly healing and reinforcing her weakening body.

Of course, Bai Yan wouldn’t be stingy regarding towards her family and friends. Taking out another three pills, she fed each of her elders respectively based on the level of need. Because of this help, the four struggling seniors were once again able to deal with those pesky lightning strikes from above.

Time continued to elapse like this, and eventually the storm cloud fades and revealed the bright blue sky with the burning sun hanging in the sky.

“Yan’er, what sort of Dan pill did you just give us….?” Bai Chang Feng of the Medicine Sect asks with a shaky tone to his voice after completing his growth.

“Godhood Dan Pill.”

Those simple words exploded in their heads, ringing like a grenade just blew up in their minds and causing their wires to completely go fry.

Clenching in her heart, Jun Tian Yue’s surprised face quickly change to a sense of happy glee that’s mixed with disbelief: “So I wasn’t sensing it wrong…. We really broke through into the Celestial Rank?”

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Achieving a level beyond Saint Rank was everyone’s dream in this land, something that hasn’t been achieved as far back as centuries or more!

Bai Yan understood why her grandmother was feeling so awed by the feat. Speaking with a comforting tone: “It’s not necessarily essential to head to the Celestial Rank in order to break into that level, we can do it here in this land as well Grandmother. Besides, aside from the spirit particles being thicker over on that side, there’s nothing else special about it. I will one day shape another Celestial Realm on that side, by then they will bow down to us!” The woman’s voice was overpowering, shaking all their hearts with her words.

That’s right, sooner or later those people who harmed me or tries to harm me will all get on their feat and plead for their life!

This would be the first time Bai Chang Feng and the rest witnessed this side of their girl’s personality. It’s shocking and somehow daunting in a way because its not the expected image of a good young granddaughter that they’ve become accustomed to. Then again, they had good reason to feel this way. The Celestial Realm was the strongest among the many realms that was known so far. To claim she’s going to forge a new one atop of the old one was… well, borderline heresy!

“Bai lassie,” Chu Ran bellows out a laugh and pats her on the shoulder. “I watched you grow over these past six years. From your weakest to the current you, I believe you can do it, you will forge a new Celestial Realm atop of the ruins of the old.”

Bai Yan openly smiled at the firm support as she continued: “Thank you Lord, I knew you would support me.” Turning to her family now, “Grandfather, if my guesses are correct, the reason you were all able to progress into the Saint Rank earlier was because of the effects of my attempt at refining the Godhood Dan pills inside the miracle. The spillover from the success likely effected the air and that’s what caused the sudden increase in spirit particles. So….” A flash of light flickered in her eyes, glimmering with a wonderful idea: “I want to suggest calling everyone over to the island, whether it be the elite disciples or my Flower Brothel, we can have them all train while I practice my alchemy on the side.”

The thunder trial of an alchemy attempt was different from that of someone making a breakthrough. Unlike the ladder, the former only focuses in on the specific individual and wouldn’t harm those around them, making the idea feasible and very useful.


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