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Adorable Treasured Fox: Divine Doctor Mother Overturning The Heavens!
Author :Xiao Qi Ye
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Chapter 1015 “Godhood Dan Pill 4 ”

Chapter 1015 “Godhood Dan Pill (4)”

The excitement gradually seeped out of He Lu’s face, his eyes squinting with icy intent. “What’s going on here?”

Yuan Qiu’s reply came moments later in response to that: “There’s a barrier seal around this island. It’s blocking our access to it.”

“Barrier?” He Lu snarls derisively, “That subordinate of mine is already at the middle level of the Saint Rank, what barrier can stop him?”

A Saint Rank may not be the strongest within the Spirit Realm, but in this land where the strongest was only at that level, it’s already an unshakable existence.

“Sir, there are always stronger people out there, and it’s not surprising for this Holy Land to have some sort of barrier in place either.” Focusing his attention back onto the island after that explanation, the senior takes a step forward, “I will go test the barrier for myself.”


Throwing a punch that’s been infused with a sizable chunk of his own powers, Yuan Qiu only wanted to assess the level of resistance from the attack. However, the repelling force completely took him by surprise, knocking the poor elder back several steps and leaving a trickle of blood coming out of his mouth.

He Lu should’ve been worried at the sight, but of course, he’s a small man with a very small heart. Without so much as a word of comfort or inquiry, he started to sneer and clicked his tongue in contempt.

“Elder Yuan, can you do it or what? I thought you are strong, that’s why I brought you along. Who could’ve thought that you would be so incompetent that a simple barrier can stop you!”

The old senior was injured to begin with from that recoil, therefore the words were extremely effective in causing further damage. If Yuan Qiu hadn’t experienced so much in life, he would’ve already started to puke blood from those damnable words.

Inhaling deeply and ignoring the ignorant fool: “Everyone of the Celestial Rank and higher, come to my side and assist me in breaking this barrier!”

At the drop of that order, several powerful individuals immediately stepped forward from the group, their eyes cold and stern when standing next to their leader.

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The following attacks were fierce. Though the barrier continued to hold under this bombardment, the people inside were definitely feeling the tremors as a result.

“Lord Chu Ran, nothing will happen right?” asked the Medicine Lord with a concerned voice.

Twitching in the corner of his mouth, the Holy Lord attempts to reassure his peers while also reassuring himself: “What else can happen? This barrier seal is something my forefathers left behind so it shouldn’t fail.”

Of course, there’s no way to confirm that belief right now since its been ages since the seal has been activated. Maybe its been damaged in some way due to wear and tear?

“Father,” Chu Yi Yi shrinks her neck in while clinging to her old man’s back. It’s obvious the princess of this Holy Land had some doubt based on her demeanor. “Are you sure this barrier is reliable? Why do I feel like your words are not believable?”

Coughing awkwardly at being pointed out “Although this barrier won’t last forever, it should be adequate until reinforcement arrives. Don’t worry Yi Yi, it will hold….”

Unfortunately, the next quake from the impacting blows came as soon as those words left this mouth, further destroying the credibility of that statement. Who’s he kidding? It’s a direct slap across the face.

Embarrassed and spluttering now, “It’s going to be all right, nothing’s going to happen…”


This time even waves had started to rack up along the water’s surface, causing many standing to falter and stumble.

No matter how much Lord Chu Ran attempts to sooth himself, it’s too much. Turning to look at those Celestial Rank masters, he’s pale and anxious in the face.


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