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Adorable Treasured Fox: Divine Doctor Mother Overturning The Heavens!
Author :Xiao Qi Ye
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Chapter 1014 “Godhood Dan Pill 3 ”

Chapter 1014 “Godhood Dan Pill (3)”

Heavily whisking his sleeve, He Lu was done with this and turned away. He knew trying to force the matter won’t get him anywhere, especially when the other side was so open in dismissing his order.

Due to the news of their invasion being delivered long ago, the core members of the three main powers have long gathered at the island making up the heart of the Holy Land. Its crowded, very crowded to the point where the occupants could hardly find room to stand around, let alone lie down to rest.

“Sir…” Elder Yuan suddenly raises a hand after finding how eerily quiet and displaced the Holy Land appeared from the outside.

“What’s wrong with you?” He Lu turned back again, his face exasperated with frustration due to the repeated delay and insubordination.

“Don’t you find it strange that the Holy Land is so empty?” Elder Yuan says with a frown, “In fact, I’ve noticed it along our way already. Of the many forces that has been squashed by us, many have either abandoned their homes before our arrival or are lacking in defenders. I suspect our whereabouts have been exposed.”

Unlike other times when they attacked a place, they did not linger in a single area for long, only sending a couple of their subordinates to perform a massacre at the local ruler’s home. Sure, in comparison to Bai Yan’s strength, these grunts wouldn’t pose much of a threat, but to the average cultivator and lord, they’re hugely superior and were easily overwhelmed.

Just as Yuan Qiu was undecided and meditating on whether to continue, a fluctuation in the air instantly caught his senses. Those old eyes lit up as a result of this fact.

“There are people there.” Leaning forward in an attack stance, the senior’s figure instantly disappeared from sight for whatever’s ahead.

He Lu was very ugly in the face right now after being tossed behind. Sadly, the old bones that’s constantly dismissing his authority was the strongest subordinate among his group so he could only stuff the complaint and follow.


Under the effects of a hollering voice, the noisy clamoring on the island was instantly sniffed out.

“Yuan Qiu of the Spirit Realm is here for a visit. Might the hosts of the Holy Land come out to meet me?” The words may be polite, but the tone was sharp and tough.

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“So they’re here…” Getting up right away, Lord Chu Ran clenched his fist with a solemn expression. He could see the old figure standing up in the air staring down at him.

Bai Chang Feng and Chief Wu Wei weren’t looking great either on their faces because they didn’t expect the Spirit Realm’s people to come so quickly. Thankfully the preparations are complete, otherwise disaster would be today’s ending.

He Lu and the rest arrived soon after, and when he saw Chu Ran and the others all gathered inside the island, his mouth involuntarily laughed aloud with boisterous glee: “So you’re all hiding in this place, hahaha! What, think just because of that we can’t do anything to you bunch? Someone come, slay them all!”

“Yes, Sir.” At the word, a shadow from the back instantly shot out like a lightning bolt and aimed straight for the heart of the island. Due to the immense speed he used, it’s almost impossible for the individual to stop at this point even if he wanted to.


That’s the sound of the individuals slamming into the invisible wall. The invader never expected a barrier. So, not only did he suffer an incredible injury from the impact, he also ends up flying backwards from the recoiling force of his own making.


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