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Adorable Treasured Fox: Divine Doctor Mother Overturning The Heavens!
Author :Xiao Qi Ye
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Chapter 1012 “Godhood Dan Pill 1 ”

Chapter 1012 “Godhood Dan Pill (1)”

Retracting the bamboo scroll into her storage ring, Bai Yan’s sight now focuses back onto the pool in front of herself. For some reason, the image of a huge black dragon kept creeping up into her mind the more she looked at it.

Not wanting to twiddle with something even she felt uncomfortable toying with, Bai Yan quickly left the premise and continued forward. It’s a good thing too because the deeper she went, the better her senses became due to the increased amount of spirit particles around the air. That swept away the earlier discomfort created by that puddle of black liquid.

“That’s….” she suddenly stops, showing shock in her eyes over the garden of herbs and rare ingredients. “Incredible! There are so many rare herbs that I never thought I would ever come across, and the ingredients listed from the recipe is also here….”

The more Bai Yan stared at what lies in front of herself, the more excited she became. With all this I can try making that Godhood Dan Pill today.


Standing not far from where she stood was a withered old tree. It’s completely black in color to the point where it looked like its been burned to a crisp, yet the surface gave off a shiny sheen like some sort of marble material. But that’s not what alarmed Bai Yan the most, it’s one of the dried husky leaves that dropped to the floor. On the very moment when the flimsy looking sheet of organic material hit the ground, it instantly vaporized into a wisp of black smoke and flew towards the general direction of where the black pond was located.

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Understanding now: “So that’s why, this is the reason why that water is contaminated, it’s from this tree! But why, why is this tree doing that? I have never seen anything like this before…..”

A lot of questions remain unanswered, but since the tree was planted by the original owner of this space, Bai Yan figured there must be a reason. Perhaps there’s a use for that black pool of water even, pity though, she’s in no condition to start pursuing the matter.

Gathering the herbs and ignoring her own curiosity, it didn’t take long for Bai Yan to gather everything and to get the needed ingredients ready for her impending refinement session.

“I should do it here. If outside, the thundering strikes might just wreck my entire island.” The image of her neat little cottage and lovely garden being torn to shreds didn’t sit well with this control freak at all.

That decided, she immediately brought out the cauldron to begin working.

“How funny,” heaving a long sigh, “back on Earth I died because I was trying to refine a ninth grade Dan pill, and now I’m challenging something even harder and more powerful….”

This time I must succeed, failure is not an option!

Stern and serious in her face, Bai Yan flicks a finger and ignites a fire beneath the cauldron. Then with careful precision, she uses her powers to send each ingredient mentioned on the list into the container for further processing.


Across the continent making up the main body of the human world, blood was flowing and staining this landscape from top to bottom. It’s a dark time right now and no one was safe as the invaders attacked in mass.

For those unwilling to heed the warning, they were the first to go trying to defend their own homes. Sadly, whatever resistance they offered the attackers from the Spirit Realm were futile and were quickly squashed.

“Sir, the territory up ahead are homes to those monsters in servitude to the Demon Realm, should we continue to attack?”

At this moment He Lu was riding atop of a magnificent looking steed with a pronounce high lineage. This eldest son of the Spirit Lord was reveling in his glorious conquest of the human world and could care less about the obstacle up ahead.


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